Cheap place to buy a ball python in florida?

Question by House of Giggles: Cheap place to buy a ball python in florida?
i am looking to add to my “family” and want to know if any one knows of a place to buy cheap baby ball pythons? would like to stay in the central Florida area, EX .. melbourne

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Answer by Jesse E
I sell u my baby ball python for 50.00 dollars.She eats well and everything.Shes about 23 inches and sheds once a month in one piece-never broken up.I luv her but i just got more reps to take care of. I live in FL. Her names Cloe

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4 thoughts on “Cheap place to buy a ball python in florida?”

  1. If Bill and Cathy Love still have ball pythons I would deffinatly get one from them……They are awesome with snakes…..The corn snake alone they have come up with “most” of the color morphs….Great quality and good prices….Good luck

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