child development?

Question by ktm 2007: child development?
can anyone tell me the birth to three matters framework is used in childcare settings. thanks

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Answer by eeg
Birth to Three Matters Framework is designed for use in a childcare setting. the idea of the framework is that it makes a “strong child, skillful communicator, competent learner, and a healthy child.” those are the main four components. it steers away from subject and curriculum learning and focuses those four aspects of the child.
here’s a link to a booklet that is An Introduction to the Framework (it’s a PDF File):

here’s what another link has to say about it:
“Primarily aimed at practitioners, Birth to three provides information on child development, effective practice, examples of play activities to promote play and learning, guidance on planning and resourcing and meeting diverse needs. The framework also reflects the diversity of types of organized provision for children in this age group and recognizes the importance of wider issues including equal opportunities and relationships with parents.”

it looks as though it is mainly used in the UK (not sure where you are at).

i hope this helps with the information you’re looking for!

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