Could cloning ever be an option for infertility?

Question by Susan M: Could cloning ever be an option for infertility?
I wonder what your thoughts are about infertile couples using cloning as another option for parenting.
In the future could it ever be considered moral?

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Answer by Ryan HG
Theoretically yes, but it will never be done. Clones are not born at age 0, so to speak. If a 25 year old were to clone himself, the baby would be born with cells that think they’re 25 years old. Obviously the clone would still look like a baby and it would still have to grow up, but it would likely die at a similar date, not age, as it’s parent. It would probably die at an age about 25 years younger than its parent.

Our cells have little tips on their DNA. Think of them like the tips of your shoelaces. The more you use them, the more they wear out, until eventually your laces are so chewed up you can’t put them through the hole anymore. Clones are born with these “tips” already worn down some.

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