Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?

Question by thatgirl: Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?
Or did they surprise you?
Not really getting the caliber of answers I had hoped for so far :/

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Answer by cafe_au_lait
kind of.

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4 thoughts on “Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?”

  1. Well I don’t have kids, but my little cousin was this darling and now shes failing math :/ …

  2. To be honest, you should post this in the “Parenting” section- although you probably think this is for parents of teens, the teens sort of took over. And sorry to say; yes it’s upsetting- but that is about the caliber you’re going to get! :/ 🙁

    My brother was a sporty, spunky, outgoing little kid. He played soccer, hockey, and baseball, always on the go! He gradually became more serious and independent, and now he’s completely surly (maybe that’s just the hormones(; ) He grew to be 5’6.5″ and 110 pounds, if that… So athletically he’s changed and the most exercise he gets is walking from the car into school or finger exercises on the keyboard… He was also so into hockey when he was a kid my parents thought he’d get really into hockey, but instead he’s obsessed with film and screenwriting now.

    I’m the same exact dramatic, maternalistic (is that the right word? I dunno. I’ve always been good with kids), leader, wild-child- around them. At school, I used to be loud and have fun, I wouldn’t care what other people think, stuff like that didn’t matter to me… But I guess as I’ve gotten more emotional I’ve also become more aware of things and people around me and I’m very self conscious. My mom was surprised when I came to her for that, she always thought I was confident… And I’m into acting and film like they always predicted… I was their drama-queen. (;

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