do dogs develop ADD?

Question by Lola: do dogs develop ADD?
a friend of mine has a 1 1/2 year old lab mix, she’s very hyper active and i visit them at least once a week and she is always being told to lay down and if she doesnt behave they lock her in a cage. my friend does not like dogs at all she’s very much a cat person, but her and her boyfriend seem to think the dog has ADD b/c she doesn’t listen to them half the time and is always chewing things up around the house. in my opinion i think shes just a puppy who needs a lot more attention than they seem to be giving her. she does know common dog tricks and i think that if she can learn those tricks then she has the ability to behave the way they want her to they just are impatient with the growing up stages. what do you think?

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Answer by Corky
This dog does not have ADD. I agree with you. The dog is not getting enough attention. Do they think a 2 year old child or child of 1 1/2 years old would just sit around quietly if not entertained?

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4 thoughts on “do dogs develop ADD?”

  1. Dogs don’t get ADD. Labs are extremely active dogs and need lots of exercise, the dog is frustrated and acting out because of pent up energy. If the dog got a good long walk each day I bet it’s behavior would improve.

  2. Haha if anything it should be given less attention because by the sounds of it they’re giving it too much attention when it’s doing things they dont want it to do. Dogs can’t get ADD but i would compare every dog to an ADD Child, they absolutely love attention and will do anything to get it. I reckon as someone said above the dog may not be getting enough exercise. If the dog is running around the house madly then it’s fair to assume that it has a heap of energy that in needs to expel. Tell your friend to take it to a dog park so it can play for half an hour – an hour. I GUARENTEE her dog will collapse and go straight to sleep when she gets home.
    A dog behaving themselves have nothing to do with tricks they do… Training a dog to do a trick is a completely different thing to them behaving themself indoors. Get her to expel her dogs energy and see how that works.

  3. Firstly ADD means attention deficit and so children with it cannot sit still and concentrate not that they love attention, it’s like the normal thought process sped up 100 times!!

    As for the dog – I completely agree that she is just a pup and will grow out of it, but if she’s not listening then they need to train her properly. Chewing is just a puppy stage but toys will help. Labbies are very intelligent and she will love to learn.

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