Does it look awkward?

Question by Purplish: Does it look awkward?
To ask some lady to give me birth control pills, as I dont want to go for prescription and insurence process?

What is the best way to ask?

Plz help thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by ★Reasonz★
you cant just go asking around for pills…you gotta get them from your doctor…if you take just some BC pills out of random, you could have serious side affects…

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2 thoughts on “Does it look awkward?”

  1. If you’re embarrassed about asking the doctor you’ve gone to since you were seven about birth control, here are Brown’s tips to ease the tension:

    Be anonymous.
    Worried your doctor will tell your mom? Call your provider’s office and see if they’re comfortable talking with you about contraception. “You don’t need to say who you are,” Brown says. “Just say, ‘I’m a patient of so-and-so and I’m considering being sexually active. I’d like to come in and talk about birth control without telling my parents.”

    Check confidentiality.
    This means more than just not telling your parents: It means making sure your parents don’t find out in other ways. Does your provider’s office call your house to remind you of an appointment? If so, ask them to call your cell phone instead. Also check on insurance and billing procedures.

    Go Someplace Else
    If your family doctor can’t guarantee confidentiality, find another provider. Check out a women’s health center, a county health clinic, or visit a Planned Parenthood. You can call 1-800-230-PLAN to find the health center nearest you. First, ask if your visit can be confidential, then make an appointment.

    Buddy up.
    Now that you’ve checked confidentiality and made an appointment, don’t go it alone. Ask a friend to come with you — maybe she wants to get info on birth control, too. And remember, says Brown, “You don’t have to have an exam. It can be an informational meeting.”

    Write it down.
    Scared to say the words “birth control” to your provider? You don’t have to. Instead, write a note and hand it over. Or write your question on an IM screen of your cell phone and show it to your doctor.

    Be honest.
    Be honest with health care providers so they can get an accurate picture of your health and needs. It can help them determine if it’s a good idea to test for sexually transmitted infections, prescribe birth control, or offer counseling for problematic sexual relationships.

  2. 1) you got a get a prescription G cuz it will effect your body badly if you use someone else prescription, it can mess you up BAD!! I’M serious !!!

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