fellow christians, disbelief and those they love?

Question by —: fellow christians, disbelief and those they love?
*as christians, how do you emotionally cope with those you love who don’t know christ, refuse to know him, or just lack the interest?
*does it make you worry and do you find yourself feeling defeated because of it, out of sadness and dread for their soul?
*what can i do to put my mind at rest and give matters to god?
*how can i be most effective in my intercessory prayer?
*will jesus honor the prayers of those who intercede for the loved ones through the revelation of his spirit into their life?

everyone christian has loved ones who they treasure more than their own life, so does it worry you, or cause you to tire of this world, or hate the enemy because they don’t have christ as their savior? i am opening myself up to intense ridicule by unbelievers, but for any of you who believe, i think you will understand. do you love your spouses, family, and friends so much but feel helpless in their relationship with jesus? i find myself thinking about this a lot and feel the weight of it

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Answer by Hannah V
I am a Baptist. We try to get them closer to god. and if they refuse to pray for them that god is on your side. he will be. HE honers everyones prayers just give back to him and you will be blessed i promise. just say to him i want you to become more and me to become less!

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6 thoughts on “fellow christians, disbelief and those they love?”

  1. we are powerless to do much about it. but we can pray to God that he helps them believe yes i have family and friends that don’t believe and i pray they come around but i can’t give up eternal life if they don’t want it. i just remember that God tells me that there will be no sadness in heaven no matter the out come.

  2. Lots of questions, so I’ll just choose one. Regarding those I might know who don’t believe in God – and there are a few – I pray for them daily. It’s what Christians are called to do, so we do. And yes, Jesus honors our prayers.

    God bless and Merry Christmas

  3. Keep interceding and I know prayer for an unbelieving loved one works, my brother is changing right before my eyes due to prayer and he used to not even believe in God, and it’s so awesome cause he does not even realize what’s happening to him, I never preached to him cause he would not receive,but with God all things are possible, Praise God!

  4. The condition of my loved ones is probably my primary subject for anxiety. I’m in the same club as you.

    However, being anxious and depressed are not conditions that God wants us to be in. I think we have to try to be good examples for our loved one, and we have to really increase our faith in God. Remember his words of life, his promises, and use these truths to reason to yourself. Have faith that God is working on your loved ones too! Allow that faith to drive out fear and anxiety. Allow that faith to bring you joy and peace. Remember our strength is in the joy of the Lord.

  5. one need not bare the weight of worry

    Jesus said “All thats been committed in my hand i have lost none”

    One is to live the life in front of thier loved ones and strangers alike
    and tell them of the Love and mercies and grace of God, ever chance they get

    and pray and allow God to give you what you need to say or do…

    THEY are in Gods hands
    and its is GOd who seeks the lost and finds them
    we can just pray ,” whatever it takes for them to see , They are lost and in need of HIM ”

    and be willing to allow whatever it takes to Take place , without us asking and praying them out of it when it does !!!

    God is Faithful…and never fails…and has LOST NONE !!!
    Commit it and them into HIS hands….and you will find
    He Knows exactley what it takes and exactley what they need to SEE …….and when !!

    and it also says this when they was asking about Judas
    ” IF he tarries till i come what is that to thee , follow tho me ”

    Follow Christ , no matter what others do
    we must be about our Fathers business………and not lose sight of HIM
    or as its written ” while i preach to others i become a castaway ”

    Live GODS WORD
    and follow HIM , and HE will handle the rest in His time

    WE must do the right thing , No matter what anyone else does

  6. don’t give up on giving the message, when Jesus gave a message, and the people did not accept it he left, and tryed other places, he didn’t rage war or make war with his disciples against the non believer, he simply left and searched for those who would believe, Jesus that people will suffer for his sake, but whoever finds his life will lose it, but whoever loses it for his sake will find it, he gave us knowlegde of the power and the glory of God in the face of Christ

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