Getting Dog for the first time?

Question by akraz: Getting Dog for the first time?
I have never been around dogs my entire life so I have to admit that i have No Idea how to behave in front of the dog. I have been thinking about getting a pet dog but I am not sure what i do if I get one. How do i know it is not going to bite me etc. Also what would be a good breed for a first time dog owner who is also friendly with me and the kids.

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Answer by Aliyah S
labradors. They are excellent with kids, smart and easy to train. They are energetic and absolutely lovable.

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9 thoughts on “Getting Dog for the first time?”

  1. I’d call your local dog obedience school and see if you could observe some classes. They would be more than happy to offer suggestions.

    Just out of curiosity, why do you want one?

  2. You seem more like a cat person than a dog person.. You have too many fears and worries, you’ll end up with a nervous /neurotic dog …

  3. Labradors are extremely friendly. I used to have a yellow and now i have a chocolate one. They’re also very good with kids. I would recommend getting one from a breeder.

  4. Any of the sporting dog breeds are mild tempered. One good way to find out about dogs is to take in a dog show or two. Should be one in your area put on my local clubs. Check with your vet or animal shelter. If there’s a ‘big’ show on, that’s even better. You get to look at all the different kinds of dogs and talk to the owners, handlers and breeders and they’ll give you good info. Amazing what you may find you really like. Go to a show and have fun, even the ones put on by the local dog clubs (ie sheltie, doberman, whatever) are good.

  5. A golden or a samoyed would be perfect for you. They are good with children. They’re very loving and want to please you. ig dogs are very patient because, unlike a small dog, a clumsy child won’t accidentally give them major injures. One of the biggest bonuses with both of these dogs is that they are easy enough to train. They respond very well to verbal cues. If you say “bad dog” in a firm voice, they will stop what they’re doing and slink away in shame. They can be hyper, but they will be calm if you take them on a daily walk and give them lots of attention. A hyper dog is usually one that feels neglected by their owners and is trying to get their attention.

  6. Hello, I’d like to suggest that you select someone you trust to help you in making your decision, first about what breed of dog, and next about which individual dog might best suit your family. For instance, the age of one’s children is a very important consideration. The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that one wait to obtain a family dog until after the youngest child has reached the age of four years. There are many wonderful and different dogs to consider. You may wish to check out the American Kennel Club web site to see the many breeds, and also to subscribe to the magazine, The Family Dog.

    I heartily agree with the suggestions you’ve already received to first try to overcome your nervousness. You could do that with the help of a friend who is dog-savvy. And you could also find an experienced dog trainer within driving distance who, no doubt, would be very pleased to help you make a good selection. Of primary importance are an individual dog’s health and temperament. I’ll give some links you’ll find useful.

    Very best of luck to you and your family. Try to learn how to overcome your nervousness first. Then you’ll be able to be a calm and at-ease, even confident dog “parent” for your new dog.

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