Hair extensions!!!!!!! Would it look good with my hair?

Question by Eleesa: Hair extensions!!!!!!! Would it look good with my hair?
Ok so I bought some hair extensions frm eBay and they are like a golden bronze color and I was thinking of putting them in my hair as highlights( bcoz my parents won’t let me dye my hair)my hair is dark dark brown at my roots n then it’s a lighter brown at the tips (my ombre effect is NATURAL) would the extensions look good as highlights in my hair???

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Answer by Valhalla
Depends…if it’s synthetic then it might look fake, since the textures are different. It you can place them in a way that blends them in then it could look nice.

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23 thoughts on “Hair extensions!!!!!!! Would it look good with my hair?”

  1. It Depends on if there real or fake, Plus if you just use them as highlights it might look funny because you just have random blondish strips all around your head, they wont look much like highlights.

  2. We might all remember our grandmothers’ tip: “do not wear your braids or ponytail too tight”.Anything attached too close to the scalp or attached to only a few strands of hair can put great tension on the follicles in the scalp, which can become inflamed and cause hair loss as a result. This is known as traction alopecia. In other words, traction alopecia is caused by damage done to the hair follicle by continual pulling and tension to the hair for long periods. Any hair extensions applied with glue or thread are designed to be worn for a few months. If there is any irreversible damage done to the hair follicles, there is nothing you can do to restore it. Thus the advantage of using hair extensions to have beautiful long hair can be very tempting, but the real question you need to ask is what type of hair extensions won’t harm your hair and scalp?

    The best way to stay away from hair follicle damage is by using hair extensions with clips, called clip-in extensions, or head-band extensions, also known as slip-on hair extensions. The advantage of these types of extensions is that you can install and removed them within minutes, and only wear them when needed. Thus eliminating the tension to the hair and scalp caused by other extensions required to be worn for long periods.

    To choose the right type of hair extensions attachment between clip-in and head-band/slip-on, will depend on your hair type and scalp sensitivity. If you have thick to fair hair, clip-in extensions are right for you. If you feel your own hair is not strong enough to handle the additional weight, then head-band or slip-on hair extensions will be your best choice.

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