Hi! BabySitting Help?

Question by The Girl: Hi! BabySitting Help?
Hey! Im going to take the babysitting course this summer, so I’ll be ready for babysitting. My friend is a year older than me and she’s already gone through it, but hasn’t started actually babysitting. I was going to ask her how much she’ll charge per hour for it but she said she doesn’t know. I don’t have that much experience with toddlers and stuff but I’ve played and took care of my little cousins before. So how much would you think that i should charge? I would think 5$ an hour?
Does anyone have any tips or warnings about babysitting? Thanks!

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Answer by Kat
depends on how long your sitting. the shorter amount of time the more you charge. if its only for an hour charge $ 10 if its for 5 hours charge anywhere from 5-7

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3 thoughts on “Hi! BabySitting Help?”

  1. The first time sitting, make it 4-6 it seems low but they will raise it as you get more experience.

    Plus if sitting at night and the kids are younger if they are scared of the dark take a normal spray bottle filled with water and call it safty potion. They will think it is cool and they will think the monsters are gone. Just a tip!
    Goodluck! 🙂

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