How do I stop craving attention?

Question by i love love: How do I stop craving attention?
For some reason, I am always vying for attention. Many of my friends are crazily outgoing people who everyone likes, and htough I recieve some attention, I always feel like I’m overshadowed by my friends. When I talk, people seem to always ignore me, interrupt me, or not hear me (even when I think I’m speaking loudly), which also annoys me. Anyone have advice for this?

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Answer by Annie
I hear ya! I mean it!!
Just be yourself…don’t worry about what others think of you.

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11 thoughts on “How do I stop craving attention?”

  1. You may want to get new friends if they are not listening to you. Maybe they are the ones that are seeking attention if they are not listening or speaking loud. They seem to want the attention on them. You give respect to them by listening to them and you want and deserve respect also.

  2. It could be that its in your own head that you think people are ignoring you and such b/c you are expecting it to transpire that way. Observe your friends and see if they get ignored or interrupted and such, I’m sure it happens to all the people in your group equally.

    Hope this might help.

  3. the world doesnt revole around you your friends just want to talk too. they are not trying to push you away or ignore you they just want to be noticed too. when i say the world doesnt revolve around you i dont mean that in a mean way i mean that hypothetically just saying that your friends want attention too. try telling them how you feel. try saying something crazy to get their attention. stand on your head while talking to them. Just Be Yourself and all will be fine. you get plenty of attention and you need to convince yourself of that. it could be a self esteem problem try writing down goals and coping skills and keeping a journal it always helped me.

  4. Usually when people crave attention, it can be because they didn’t get enough in their childhood; or they are wanting more then what people can give; or we are wanting others to always make us feel better, instead of doing that for ourself. I suggest you do some affirmations for your self, and raise your self confidence. Usually people that are outgoing and doesn’t have a problem of people listening to them, are self assured, and have no problem in being around people. You may need counseling to find out who you really are, and help to work on your self image. It is nice to have people notice us, but if we think we have to make it happen, then maybe we have other issues that needs to be addressed.

  5. First of all I am not speaking of you when I say this.It seems to me that people get so caught up in themselves at times they cannot see beyond the end of their nose(myself included)I think taking this into account its easier to excuse others shortcomings when you feel they are being rude to you,or talking over you and interrupting you when your trying to get your two cents in.Try taking a step back instead of forward into the mix of the conversation,just once as if you were on an observation assignment for a very important job.Just say for instance I asked you the same question,what would you tell me.?your best answer rate is very high.I know you also have and know the best answer to your own question.

  6. that happens to me alot. I feel I will say something and for me I just want to be acknowledged. I feel like I speak well and people can hear me so I have to start to assume that alot of people just don’t know how to listen, There is nothing you and I can do about others annoying habits. Just remain who you are and when people do this to you just remember that if they are overlooking you, maybe they just don’t value you. Try to keep the friends around that actually do care what you have to say.

  7. As I always say, these kinds of things go back to childhood. You probably never got enough or the proper kind of attn as a child. You’re also probably one of those ppl that other ppl always refer to as “really nice”.

    You’re growing. It’s a good sign. Now you’re ready to start changing. You must learn to be assertive when others interrupt you &/or are rude to you. (This takes time. Just start practicing & then it will just come to you.)

    And, as someone else sort of said: Start allowing yourself to become this new person you are evolving into. Just start letting go a little at a time & start finding out who you really are. Then you’ll start to attract ppl–the right ones. Becoming who you really are is scary & a process…but it’s worth it.

  8. Been there! I seemed to get over that when I literally nurtured myself…sounds weird, but I never got enough attention from my parents when I was a kid: my dad worked all the time, my mom was always distracted and sick. So, I realised that my self esteem suffered and I was really seeking attention from others to help me feel better about myself. When I got their attention, it made me feel better about myself for awhile: “they like me” “I fit in” “I was funny and they laughed at my joke”…but that feeling never lasts…and soon I was wanting more attention again and feel somewhat persecuted and inferior and excluded when I wasn’t right in the middle of what was going on.

    I learned to “parent” myself – what I didn’t get earlier in life, I would give to myself. Lots of self-praise, lots of spending time getting quiet with myself and thinking about all my good accomplishments and thinking what would I have wanted my mom and dad to say to me when I was young, and I say those things to myself. It sounds funny, but no one has to know. You just get up in the morning and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself and positive wonderful TRUE praises about you. Soon you won’t need other’s ‘attention’ and soon they’ll be attracted to the newer more confident you, and sense that about you – and WANT to hear what you have to say. You will have a commanding presence without even trying.

    I don’t know if this hits a note of truth with you, but I do hope it helps, it’s coming from my heart. ; )

  9. People who dont respect or validate me are not my friends. You need to get to the bottom of your need for attention, what is lacking in your life, what didnt you get or what do you need.
    Please consider some counselling, everyone deserves love & healthy attention, take care sweetie.

  10. any sort of depression can be tide over by faith in GOD and sincere prayer.

    Your prayer is from your heart. Further You must have to understood the fact that God is present in our heart. This can be realised in meditation. Further we are the creation of our own destiny. As per Hindu sacred religion, we carry all good and bad deeds life after life. There is no end unless we pray for unification of self with the divineliness.
    Hence there is always a possible way to complete mergence with God in this life by a simple and wonderful meditation

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