how do you deal with a one and half year old throwing a fit?

Question by uncanny_outsider: how do you deal with a one and half year old throwing a fit?
Please, experanced parents or day care providers, how do you deal with a 11/2 year old throwing a fit. Everytime my son, Jevon dose not get his way he throws a fit, for example just at lunch time today, I gave my other two boys that are 3 and 4 a treat for eating all of thier food. Naturally I gave Jevon one too, but he decided that wasn’t enough, he screams and cries, refuses and pushes my hands away when I tried to wash him up, now he’s running around in an angry fit, pushing in chairs hard, screaming mama, crying, and throwing whatever he can get his hands on. He dose this everytime he dosen’t get his way. Do i just igorne him, I never give in to him, but I can’t help feeling bad in end, seeing him like this. I’m not sure what to do? Please help

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12 thoughts on “how do you deal with a one and half year old throwing a fit?”

  1. You have to be firm in disciplining this kid, and let him know whose boss, otherwise he will have you trained the way he wants.

  2. Put him in a time out chair for 5 minutes…. not as punishment, but to give him time to calm down. Do it calmly so he doesn’t feel like he’s in trouble… just tell him he needs to sit until he settles down and then you’ll come get him. It may take a few tries to get him to stay there, but after several attempts, he’ll get it. Then in a very quiet voice, get down to his level and ask him why he was so upset…. explain to him that he can’t __________ (fill in the blank) right now, but how about doing ________ (fill in the blank) instead.

  3. You were right the first time. Ignore him. Young kids, especially those under 2 years, use tantrums as an outlet for their frustrations. It’s not that they’re “bad” kids, they’re just expressing their displeasure the only way they know how. It’s completely normal.

    Don’t react to the tantrums. Put your son in a safe place where he can’t hurt himself or destroy anything else (his room, a playpen, etc.), say “I’ll be back when you’re finished,” and walk away. Any other reaction, even if it’s a negative one, is going to validate this behavior and he’ll keep doing it.

    You’re right to never give in to what he wants, too. He’ll never stop if you give him what he wants when he has a fit.

    It’s a difficult behavior to deal with, but the sooner they enter this phase, the sooner they outgrow it. Good luck to you!

  4. I usually throw a mock fit, just to let the child know two can play the same game. Giving in to a child’s unwarranted bouts of rage can have a devastating affect on how he or she behaves later in life.

  5. You need to just sit down and watch him. Then, he will eventually get tired of what he is doing. If he threw a bunch of stuff around tell him he must clean it up, he doesn’t get anything he wants until your house is clean and he is calm, that’s just how it’s going to be.

  6. We had the same problem with our son, but we just ignored him. When he realized he got no attention for throwing a fit he started doing it less. Occasionally though he would knock things over or throw something in which we had to step in and tell him no, and put him in time out for 2 mins. . . which seems to work well. He can’t really hurt anyone sitting on sofa throwing a tantrum and crying. I just stayed firm to things. I generally give him one warning that he will get time out if he doesnt stop his behavior, and he generally knocks it off (most of the time). He will grow out of it with time, when he realizes he gets no reward (hugs, kisses, attention, whatever) for throwing a fit.

  7. He is so young, but you can’t ever give into bad behavior. If he pushes your hands away you might try handing him the wash cloth to wipe his own hands (which he will probably throw). You are going to have to wait out the tantrum, let him finish throwing things (as long as he isn’t breaking things) and then guide him around by the hand and have him pick up his mess. The worst thing you can do is clean up after him when he does this. You are doing great by not giving into him, but he is your baby so I can understand how sad it must be to see him like this. Stay consistant with whatever it is you are going to choose as your method of stopping these tantrums. You might even try taking the other two children in the next room, where he can hear ya’ll having fun and playing while he is in there throwing his fit. Being a mom is very challenging, but your doing great!

  8. I know its hard when they are crying and screaming, but don’t give into his tantrums. He is young, and he is definitely trying you out to see what he can get away with. My daughter is 15 months and has just started with the screaming when she doesn’t get her way. It may take a while, but just be patient and hopefully he will get the picture that throwing a fit doesn’t do him any good. Also, rewarding him for good behavior may help out too. Keep up the good work Mom! 😉

  9. My 2 yr old little girl is going though this also. She will throw stuff sometimes but she mainly just lays on the floor kicking & screaming. I will normally put her in the corner & tell her when she can quit acting like a little baby & like a big girl then she can get out of the corner because I do not want to see her act like that. I will normally get down on her level – literally eye to eye & speak to her in a normal tone when I take her out of the corner & explain to her that she can not & will not act that way. I do make her hug me & tell me she is sorry for acting that away. Then things are hunky dorey till the next time at least. But at times I will spank her on her leg — just to sting it & let her know I am not playing. So it just depends on what works for YOUR child as for as disipline. That might not work for your little guy — but works for my little girl — so. Just try to be patient – they don’t call it terrible two for nothing!! Ha.
    Good Luck ♥

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