How dose a check up go ?

Question by Shynique: How dose a check up go ?
I’ll be going to the doctor pretty soon and I wont to know what dose they do for a check up. Please give examples and don’t comment if you don’t how nothing nice to say.

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Answer by Wile E. Coyote
I dont know about girls, but heres the guy checkup:

A questionnaire on a variety of things. So it will say something like, over the past 6 months indicate all that you have experienced (1) shortness of breath; (2) chest pain; (3)… etc.,

Questionnaire also has lifestyle questions like about smoking cigarettes and whatnot..

Nurse then takes your weight and height…

Doctor reviews all this stuff to see if you should cut back on smoking, if you are at a healthy body weight, if there are any areas (i.e. shortness of breath) which require further examination and discussion.

Then the doctor usually asks a few general questions “how are things?” “everything ok with your job/school/family”… etc.

The doctor then asks questions regarding past medical history to see if prior problems are reoccuring or if they were resolved nicely.

After that, there is a physical:
– doctor uses hands to check out glands and lymph nodes (neck, armpit…etc.)
– doctor uses hands to check organs (you lay down and doctor rubs stomach and taps in a few places…
– doctor than grabs balls and tells you to cough: this check s your prostate.
– doctor uses “the light thing” to check tonsils, eyes and ears
– during the whole process doctor is visually inspecting for lumps, bumps, potential skin problems (i.e. cancer).

Then he wraps everything up with a summation of results, a discussion of some reasonable goals to achieve for next visit (i.e. losing 10 pounds), a review of any medications you are taking (bring them into the appointment with you).

Lastly, I get sent off to do some bloodwork, with the blood tests selected based on my history (for example my cholesterol was being monitored for several years).

Within a week or so doctor will get lab report on bloodwork and will call if anything is wrong, otherwise the doctor will not call you.

Thats my physical… I think I have a particularly good doctor, so perhaps yours will be less thorough.

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