how long to smoke tri-tip?

Question by billy: how long to smoke tri-tip?
my parents have a in-direct heat smoker (tregger brand) and they have a 19lb piece of tri-tip they want to smoke, cant find how olg to smoke it. if any body has some tips will be helpful.
well thats what my parents said it was, i thought it was a little big too since the book they use only goes up to 3 pounds. but i dont really know to much about it. i’m sure they would cut it up though.

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Answer by A F
I assume you want to cook it till edible. I suggest you use a thermometer and remove at desired temp… 120* = rare 130* = medium 140* = well let stand for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing

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2 thoughts on “how long to smoke tri-tip?”

  1. Did make a mistype?? NINETEEN pound tri-tip??? The largest that I’ve seen is about 4 lbs on a true “tri tip”………

    If you’re keeping it whole, it’s going to take about 18-24 hours of indirect heat in a smoker. I keep my smoker between 300 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit……I’m guestimating this on experience from smoking ribs, turkey, chickens, etc.

    You can also section the meat into managable sized pieces and do it that way…….it will take a lot less time if you cut the tri tip into smaller, equal (as possible) pieces………

    Christopher K.

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