How much of Freud’s work has been validated?

Question by Gorilla (The One & Only): How much of Freud’s work has been validated?

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for the most part, no one really believes freud anymore. there are certainly psych classes going over his theories, and i think his dream interpretation stuff is still used somewhat, but for the most part his way of thinking has been called into serious question. although, i think he had a point about society being our “parents” but an oedipus complex?? perhaps his theories reveal quite a bit about freud himself, but the rest of us feel pretty confident shrugging it off. he was a cocaine addict and frequently prescibed it to his own clients. you just don’t think clearly, i’m sorry. you certainly go to some weird places… this was, of course, when coke was still new and they didn’t know it was addictive and degenerative to tissues, etc. but he meant well

and anyway, it’s impossible to validate his theory. well, nothing’s impossible but it certainly doesn’t lend itself to scientific inquiry. his methods of psychoanalysis is nothing but circle-talk. you can’t say anything without it somehow being a reflection on you. how to you validate something like that? the very fact you cannot is reason enough to doubt it

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