How to make my parents not cut my hair?

Question by Jacob: How to make my parents not cut my hair?
My parents want me to get my hair cut, this is a good way to sum up my hair, except I have black hair: . Anyway, In the past I’ve had short hair, and I look retarded, It just looks dumb, and I think I look better with longer hair, how can I make my parents not take me to the barber today to cut my hair.

My parents arguments for them cutting my hair is that i’m going back to school, and I need it “more tidy”, My hair looks more tidy long, I just genuinely look better with longer hair, and also, they said that they would be “bad parents” if they don’t make me cut it. How does having a child that has long hair make you a bad parent?

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Answer by Mr. Miyagi
You won’t like my answer. You really won’t.

People judge you by your appearances. I used to have a military buzzcut and everyone was asking me if I was “in the service.”

Then I grew my hair out and I LOOOVED it, but then it was a pain in the ass. I couldn’t even go to the bank without the doorman practically tackling me, or having a cop hassling me on the street.

Now I’ve got a haircut that makes me look like former President John F. Kennedy, and if I wear a coat & tie I swear I’m invisible in the city. I could kill a person in plain view in the middle of the day and nobody would see me.

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2 thoughts on “How to make my parents not cut my hair?”

  1. What I would do is write a list of the reasons why you don’t want to cut your hair. Eg:

    -Short hair doesn’t suit me
    -I prefer long hair
    -I don’t like how I look with short hair
    (don’t say things like “it looks dumb” though bc that makes you sound childish. Also try to add in things like, “I feel more confident with longer hair” so that they understand that this will impact you)

    Then think of all the reasons why they might want to cut your hair, and counter them. (ask them about why long hair makes them a bad parent as well, and get them to explain their point of view so you can counter)

    -I can keep my long hair tidy

    Finally, write down things like, “it’s my hair, it should be my choice” “if it looks terrible then it’s me who’s going to suffer, not you” “i’m old enough to make my own decisions” etc.

    Once you have your list, talk to your parents and bring up every single one of the points you wrote down. Don’t get angry at them, don’t shout or whine, just calmly go through your list and explain your point of view. It will show them that you’re responsible and you can make your own decisions.

    Good luck, and tell us how it goes!

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