How to ‘seduce’ a guy over text??? ?

Question by lalala: How to ‘seduce’ a guy over text??? ?
Ok so I’m not being a hoe but he’s a rlly good friend. We talk pretty dirty stuff sometimes but nth bad. I once joked abt him not having a ***** and he jokingly asked me to touch and said jk. Then yeah. We’re NEVER gonna have s*x now so yeah. I wanna date and make out etc. We text alot. Meet in school so no low cut shirts etc. So only hopes text. Help me pls 🙂

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Answer by Propane Cylinder
Hi Lalala,

“NEVER” going to have sex while sexting with a guy? Yeah, right. Give it a few weeks or months.

Since you’re heading down a potentially dangerous path… then how about some free advice about sex and virginity? OK.

Sex is like a fine pearl… i.e., it is valuable and needs to be treated with care and respect. Just like a pearl should never be trampled into the mud by pigs, you should never give your body to a horny teenage BF or anyone else who doesn’t love and respect you.

Young ladies should not have sex too soon. What does “too soon” mean? Anytime two people have sex, if they are not ready to become parents and support the child that might be created… then it’s “too soon”.

Even birds take the time to build a nest before mating, getting pregnant, and raising their young. Too bad more humans don’t do that!

If a young lady decides to have sex before she can raise a child… then she’s dumber than a bird.

If anyone suggests she starts having sex… she should not listen to advice given by idiots who are dumber than a bird.

Assuming that he’ll use protection… keep in mind that people who claim that birth control is 100% reliable are sometimes later called “parents”.

Have you seen “Teen Mom” on MTV? That’s graphic confirmation of what can go wrong.

The typical arguments of “I think I’m ready” or “I’m horny” or “He’s horny” or “I’m embarrassed to still be a virgin” or “We love each other” or “Everyone else is doing it” or “My BF expects it” or “I don’t have a Dad and I’m starved for male attention” are not reliable measurements of being emotionally prepared for sex.

Pre-marital sex is a bad idea for young ladies. Why?
– Because there are numerous other emotional and moral issues that far outweigh a few minutes of pleasure or satisfying your curiosity or trying to please a selfish & horny BF… such as love, loyalty, honesty, maturity, commitment, dignity, responsibility, mutual respect, and marriage.
– Some of the negative feelings and issues might include shame, sneaking around, guilt, abuse, being taken advantage of by a smooth player, an unwanted pregnancy, catching an STD, and heartbreak.

Being abandoned by a guy after her virginity is taken… by a guy who lied and claimed that he loved her… would not be a positive experience for any young lady.

The circumstances of an early “First Time” can have a lasting effect of how the rest of her life will unfold. Why?
– Because even if a young lady believes that she and her BF are in love… she usually subconsciously knows that odds are probably 99% against him ultimately becoming her husband… and finds out for certain when they break up.
– Because knowing that her parents probably still think that she’s a virgin, and how hurt and ashamed they would feel if they knew the truth… especially her Dad if she has one.
– Because she probably has a fear of getting pregnant (there’s no such thing as “safe sex”).
– Because her childhood innocence is officially gone forever… with no vows, no fanfare, no formal planning, no celebrations, no announcements, no wedding dress, no bridesmaids, no romantic hotel suite, no “just married” signs, no approval from her family, no congratulations from his family, no diamond ring for her, no gold wedding band for him, no blessings from a church pastor… and no driving off on her honeymoon into a “new life” with a loving and proud husband.
– Because losing her virginity based on nothing except the feeling “Gee, I loved him and thought I was ready…” often makes her realize that feelings are frequently not the best foundation for making wise decisions.
– Because afterwards, she will probably wish that her BF was stronger or smarter or less horny, and would have suggested to her “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t do this right now…”
– Because her BF will be an unconvicted felon if she’s under the legal age of consent (charge = statutory rape)
– Because if the males in her family (Dad, brother, uncle, grandpa?) found out, they would probably want to punch her BF multiple times.
– Because the loss of virginity at a young age frequently leads to multiple partners before she even becomes a legal adult.

FYI, my wife and I were both virgins when we got married in our mid-twenties. No regrets.

Was everything immediately and completely perfect? Not exactly, but since we kept ourselves pure for each other… there wasn’t any excess emotional baggage, haunting memories, shame, or diseases. God has since blessed us with a wonderful family and a happy life together.

Those are a few things for you to think about, Lalala. Good luck!

Signed, PC


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