i think its time?

Question by John: i think its time?
i think i want to come out to my mom. but im not sure if i sould. she is going threw alot and some of the stress comes from my dad. my parents arent together and everytime when my dad is over the house they agrue so much that its really depressing. i know my dad loves me but he belives that my mom is pushing me away from him and sometimes he would leve and i wont see him or hear from him for like a year then he would come back to see me and my mom would argue with him because he doesnt tell me he is leveing to see my lil brother and leve me money or anything. one day i was laying in my room and my mom came in my room and said she notice ive been depress lately. and she thinks its because of my dad. well she is wrong. ive been sad lately because i think i know how she is going to react when she finds out im gay. she will look at me like i am the “IT” child. she really dislikes gays and when she sees them she is so discusted with them. but i feel like i should tell her because everytime
she ask me am i sad because of my dad i say no. and she is keep asking me why amd i sad and i tell her im not. but i see that she is getting sad cuz she notice that im kinda depress and if i dont tell her im gay she will be depress and wondering why i am depress and if i do tell her im gay she will be hate me and probly disown m. and i know you guys say that my mom loves me and will never do that, but i know she would. she event told me herself when we had a conversation about gays. so i think i should tell her and prepare for the worst. what do you guys think i should do. im 16 by the way
im really sorry for all my spelling mistakes.
Cassandra M that comment really hurt and was very unnessary
i really cant really talk to my friend about this because they think that gays are weired and my guy friend will thing just because im gay that im ganna check them out and things like that

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Answer by Dshiznit
dude, parents are very suprising, and i’m sure she will love you anyway, and support you no matter what, chances are, she will be upset that you felt like you couldn’t talk to her about it sooner. parents usually just wnat their kids to be happy, and she will be happy knowing who you are. give your mom some faith, and tell her, its not easy, trust me, i did it many many times to all my family memebers…most of wich were very narrow-minded people froma small town. good luck, *hugs for you

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6 thoughts on “i think its time?”

  1. I think you need to come clean with her, she probably already knows. Try to seek out a good therapist that specializes in LGBT issues. Good Luck !!!

  2. Come clean you will be surprised.
    If my son/daughter came out and said that he/she was gay/les i wouldn’t have a problem with it. Yes it woudl take me a little bit to adjust to the idea but hey i am their mother i have got to be there for them.

  3. If I were you, I would seek some therapy cause it sounds like you have a lot on your plate and it may help to have some professional help with some self-esteem issues. The therapist may even have some ideas of how to breach the subject with your mom and/or act as a mediator when you do decide to tell her. It is also a good time to fall back on the friends who love and support you. And, take heart, your mom may very well not disown you when & if you tell her. People will say certain things about how they would act IF they were confronted with a certain situation, but when the time comes, they do something completely different. I wish you all the best, honey! Good Luck!!

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