I would know more about children behaviours , specially in preschool ages !?

Question by miloo: I would know more about children behaviours , specially in preschool ages !?
I would know about children behaviours and their learning capability in preschool ages (3 – 6 ) .May you recommend me a book or article or even an infographic image ?

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Answer by JH5000
Just browse the internet. There are hundreds of sites that give you age appropriate activities and devedopmental stages. Just remember these are guidelines , each child develops at their own pace.

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One thought on “I would know more about children behaviours , specially in preschool ages !?”

  1. I have done much research on this exact topic, partly due to my courses required as I work on my degree in psychology, but mainly because I am a single mom with a 4 yr old son, and I believe the key to raising a child to be confident, secure and rise to their greatest potential lies within the home, family, love and support, encouragement. So in order to attempt to be the best mom I can be (plus need to compensate for lack of a whole family structure, I have tried to learn, educate myself to best understand, relate and handle the complex, yet fragile development of our children.
    1) I just finished a 15 week course specifically geared toward behavior issues for young children. I absolutely loved it, and honestly saw changes in the 1st day, as I applied it to my son
    The course shares the name of book that it follows>> The Incredible Years, A trouble -shooting guide for parents of children aged 2-8 / BY Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PH.D.
    2)Empoweringparents.com >> great online newsletter and open chat forum for every child age, behavior issue. They also offer a multi-DVD (book) behavior program- ( offer free promotions but otherwise a bit pricey.
    3) “There’s a Perfect Angel in Every Child” BY Gigi Schweikert (Love this book, have had it 4 yrs and reread all the time.
    4) ” The Smart Love Parent” BY Pieper/Pieper ( another great book)
    5) I attended seminar for Dr. Regalena Melrose ( INCREDIBLE, she has done research in understanding behavior, and learning development in the brain, as well as the effects of trauma, stress, injury, even alztimers and proven such to be reversible, and capable of healing.
    ” You can Heal Your Child” A guide for parents of children who have been misdiognosed due to stress, loss, trauma, injury and or other misunderstood child. Her book is very good, but to attend her seminar is amazing and eye opening to the whole learning process at any age.

    These are my resources hat I actually have in hand, of course, I feel when it comes to child or even human development, we can never know all there is, and when it comes to behavior and development, there is always something to be learned.

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