I’m curious, does anyone still do this?

Question by Reverie: I’m curious, does anyone still do this?
Does anyone still spank their children for misbehaving and stuff? I would especially like answers from current first time parents.

Personally, this is something I would never do. But I just want to know what other people’s answers are, nevertheless.

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Answer by his_dixie_darlin
you’re walking on bad grounds asking people that question….hell yeah i whoop ’em.

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10 thoughts on “I’m curious, does anyone still do this?”

  1. Yes, everyday I can see parents spanking their children. I think it depends upon the tradition these parents had. I think that’s how they’re own parents disciplined them. They just carried it out when they became parents.

  2. It seems like everyone I know has spanked once or twice and for a good reason. It’s always come out of a situation where the child nearly hurt themselves (eg, reaching for a hot coffee pot, running towards a busy street, etc). Parents, and they’re the type that would never otherwise spank, have this instinct to hit the kids on the bottom a couple of times after something like this.

    However, I don’t know ANYONE who would routinely spank or hit a child for sake of behavior modification.

  3. yes i will smack my child. I have 2 and the youngest is 8mths so he doesnt understand yet but i will say a firm NO if he is at something he shouldnt be touching but my girl is nearly 3 and if a NO doesnt work i smack.
    There is a difference between smacking and bashing. I was smacked as a kid and it never hurt me.

  4. I spank as an absolute last resort…and it’s a hit on the bum with pants, underwear etc…not so much to hurt, as to get their attention…but I can count the amount of times I’ve spanked both mine and my granddaughter on one hand….very, very, rarely..

  5. I live in the Northeast,

    Most parents spank their kids

    I have given mine a wack or 2 accross the bottom,

    my oldest is 12 years
    my youngest is 18 months
    and I have a 3 year old

    I do believe, that spanking doesn’t really help,
    but if they keep trying to stick forks in the outlets,
    some time you need to givem and little pat on the butt

    Or if you 3 year old runs into the street, you holler
    and pat their bum

    If its out of the ordinary they learn NOT to do those things

    I also have a 12 year old,
    He is too old for spanking, BUT if I felt he needed it, I would give it to him

    Eg.. Drugs,
    or alcohol, or something dangerous

    I would do whatever it takes,
    Wrestle him to the ground, Whatever

    In my opinion too many parents are far too lienient with their children using drugs,

    they just accept it , or pretend its not happening, or believe their children and NOT and adult telling them the truth,

    I have known plenty of people who have done this and their beautiful children, are now in Jail, Dead, or worse.

    Just my opinion,

    But in general Whoopings happen when a parent feels out of control,

    you also teach your kids violence, ect…


  6. This is a very touchy subject….but yes I have spanked before. It was used as a last resort when they were doing something that could harm them. Most of the time I got through before having to spank with a firm NO and the “look.” I have spanked under 10 times in the last 10 years, so I don’t think I am that bad honestly.

  7. no i dont spank my son, i send him to his room

    but yet i dont know why because he has his video games and laptop in his room

    so maybe spanking would teach him to behave

  8. I spank my children. But I think it depends on the crime. Most the time I can tell my son or daughter to stop or no and they do it. However it use to be spank spank spank. I think if your going to spank then be constant. If you don’t then the child gets confused

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