im trying to figure out if i should stay with him or not, and im pregnant?

Question by eslachinita: im trying to figure out if i should stay with him or not, and im pregnant?
me and my bf have been together for a couple of yrs, now were both 19 and now im due in aug. i feel like throughout this whole pregnancy he’s not been supportive (doesnt wake up to come to appo,) i dnt have a car so usually he picks me up from work and one day he ‘forgot’ and i walked 45min to my house at 11pm (and was also 7months prego) that didnt make me happy. now his friend from TN is down for the wk and they are hanging out everyday, which is fine its only for a wk. they got their guy days to hang out. 2 out of the 7 days i went with. we had fun, but my bf mustve not cuz he told me both days that he wishes he left me at home, right in front of his friends, he was being so rude, i felt like a piece of crap… made me wonder why i was with him. and then they wanted to go cruising at midnight. i asked if only i could go home cuz duh im tired and i had to work at 9am. so instead all of us go home and my bf is pissed cuz i ruined their night. hello?? shouldnt he be supportive and understanding that im prego and stuff. how come he doesnt get it??
now he’s telling me that he doesnt think its his kid and wants to do a test. which is fine with me if that will make him feel more confident in raising the kid, i totally understand. but then he goes on to say if its not his he’s walking out of the hospital the day she’s born and im out of the house (cuz i live with him and his parents) “im not raising someone else’s kid!!” wow ok, he does nothing to help pay for baby stuff he’s always spending it on his car or friends and its like im doing it all by myself anyways

now im just wondering is it worth it to stay with him or what…

i love him and everything, but sometimes the right thing hurts
im happy about the baby and want the best for her, and being a single parent seems like the only other option out there which sucks, but thanks for all the answers!

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Answer by John Canning
You’re 19 and already due in August with a boyfriend for 2 years?… Say goodbye to your life, sweetheart.

My guess is that your boyfriend is around the same age as well. Guess what? Guys are like that when they’re 19-26. And lucky for you, you got the insecure douchebag that doesn’t understand what he’s done and doing. I want to be supportive and say that you are in the right and he is not, but… at the same time, you’ve basically shot yourself in the foot from ruining your life by agreeing to be his boyfriend and agreeing to have unsafe sex and/or getting pregnant.

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4 thoughts on “im trying to figure out if i should stay with him or not, and im pregnant?”

  1. In my opinion, he is not worth it if he makes you feel the way you say.
    Yahoo answers is a horrible place to get any serious advice, try joining a group on Babycenter, there are a lot of women there that can help you in your tough times.

  2. From what I read he sounds like a …how should I say it….well lets just say hes baing a fag. If your really love him you should stay with him. You should take one day to sit down and talk to him about how he has been acting to you even in front of your friends. If you really need him tell him that. I in my life have been cheated on so many times but the right thing is always the best thing in the end. You may not like it but your babies wellbeing is what is the most important. Now I’m not trying to get between you two but he needs to shape up and be with you more often. Everything will work out. Even if it leads down a path you dont like.

    CONGRATS ON THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nobody whats to be a single parent. I say you should stay with him. 🙂

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    -Tyler Voges

  3. I am sorry you are having a difficult time with your boyfriend. Being pregnant is wonderful and stressful enough as it is without this on your plate too.

    Your boyfriend sounds like he isn’t ready to accept the responsibility of being a parent, I am sorry for that. I can say that my BF doesn’t go to my appointments with me unless it is an ultrasound, just my opinion but I don’t think there is a need for him to go when I am just there to pee in a cup, have blood pressure checked and get weighed. I am in and out in like 10 minutes so I go myself. I am older than you and have a car, but when i had my 1st child (16 years ago) I was 20 years old and went to my appointments myself then too.

    Be strong and try not to stress, it isn’t good for you or the baby. He will either come around, or not. Men have a hard time coming to terms with being a father, especially when the baby isn’t expected (been there twice) Just know, that no matter what you can do this on your own if you have to. I have been both Mom and Dad to my daughter for over 16 years. There have been tough times but it all always works out.

    How long have you lived together? Can you go home to your parents for a whole so that you don’t have to deal with him stressing you out?

    I hope everything works out for you, all the best and congrats on your baby on the way.

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