Is my sister overprotective? Or just practical?

Question by LtCmd.Lore: Is my sister overprotective? Or just practical?
So my sister was talking to me about how her children won’t do anything other than play video games all day. I agree that’s a bad thing.

They are ages 9, 13 and 14.

But here’s the thing.
They don’t have bikes, skateboards, roller-blades or anything like that because she’s afraid they’ll kill themselves. Not that she’d let them go out and use them anyway, cause they can’t leave the house alone.
They don’t have Nerf guns, water guns, paintball guns or anything of that nature cause she’s afraid they’ll learn to be evil killers. Plus they don’t have anywhere to use them if they had them.
They can’t go to the mall, arcade, playground, or anything like that unless she’s with them cause she’s afraid they’ll get kidnapped. Even when she takes them to the playground, she doesn’t let them play on anything that they could possibly hurt themselves on.
They don’t have a backyard to speak of.
They do have a nice big house, but obviously they can’t play inside.

So she told them they weren’t allowed to play video games more than 1 hour per day.
They all threw a fit. It turned ugly, and they’re in their rooms crying at the moment…

Now obviously it’s very immature to cry about not being able to play video games all day. But really what the heck else are they SUPPOSED to do? They’re not allowed to do anything else because it’s “to dangerous”.

So is she being overprotective, or is this normal? (Our parents wouldn’t let us go out in public alone, but they did buy us go-karts, squirt guns, and we lived on a farm, so it wasn’t so bad for us.)

Also if you can suggest some forms of entertainment for kids between the ages of 9-14 that’d be great.

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Answer by NeNe Lee ** First time mommy:)
Okay, your sister is WAYYYY over protective! She is going to make her children resent her. But im not going to talk about her parenting “skills”. So here’s a few “safe” games they could possibly play:
Monopoly, card games, chess, checkers, etc.
They could also play twister if their mother doesnt think they will break any bones. 😛
Any education online games would be entertaining.
Arts and crafts; probably without paper or scissors! God forbid they get a paper cut or get stuck with a scissor!! Geez! 😛
I cant really suggest anything else without having a “safety rule” violated! 😛

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2 thoughts on “Is my sister overprotective? Or just practical?”

  1. Holy Moly, definitely much too overprotecting.
    I know that there are dangerous things children can do or can happen to children.
    But overprotection is also kind of danger for them.
    Even if its not dangerous for them right now.
    But for their development it is harmful.
    You know if a bird would never let their fledgling fly then it will probably never get hurt.
    But it will also never see the world and enjoy its life.
    Its like a golden prison.
    Even if its not easy, but children have to be hurt sometimes.
    Children have to break their bones.
    Children need to find out what is pain.
    Children need experiences in any way.
    That makes them grow up properly.
    If they have not their freedom to experience things in their childhood
    then they either will become boring people,
    nobody wants to be with, or they dont know thier borders and
    will do things later what will definitely kill them.

    About video games and other “square boxes” :

    A 10 year old child can have 3 hours of “square boxes” a day.
    “Square boxes” means every kind of computer or television entertainment.
    But thats the absolute maximum.

    The child should decide itself if it wants to play 3 hours a video game or play only 1 hour video game and watch a movie, or dont play any video game and chat on computer with friends 3 hours.

    A 12 year old child can have 4 hours and a 14 years old child can have 5 to 6 hours , and with 16 the child is mature enough to decide on its own on that case.

    But to come back to the point.

    Protection is good. But overprotection is destructive.

    I had lots of broken bones and hurts in my life.

    But Im still happy that I made that experiences.

    And I thank my parents for letting me go out and have that experiences.

    They made me who I am today.

    And Im a happy and satisfied person.

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