My boyfriend is going into the FL National Guard, im in CA pregnant with his child. What are my options?

Question by Bridgette: My boyfriend is going into the FL National Guard, im in CA pregnant with his child. What are my options?
My boyfriend is going into the FL National Guard. I am 5mos pregnant with his child, he is leaving next month for basic training & wont be back until October after the baby is born. We are not married & weren’t planning on it for a few more years but now i need to know what MY options are if we don’t get married right away or if we do. Im thinking that if were not married I get nothing. Would he be able to take time off or leave during training when I go into labor? Will the baby be covered by any of his benefits because he’s his son? If he is part-time & going to school (like I think he will be after basic training) or if he goes full-time would he be able to transfer out to CA NG? Is that a long process if so? What kind of pay could he expect & does it change after having a baby/ family? I have so many questions and I don’t know where to start looking for answers so if anyone could help me by providing knowledgable answers I would greatly appreciate it.
Just to clarify what a certain person said, I have my own insurance & am not just trying to use the military for its benefits. All im doing is looking into what it will be like in the next few months after our baby is born and he’s in the military & looking to be a little more knowledgeable about everything since we haven’t gotten to speak directly with the recruiter about those things yet. Thank you to those of you who answered my question I greatly appreciate it.

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Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
His “national guard benefits?”

You do realize his health benefits only kick in “you are only covered by TRICARE when your National Guard and Reserve sponsor is activated (called or ordered to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days) under Federal orders.” They also don’t cover girlfriend’s maternity expenses.

He isn’t joining the army here. They don’t pick up the tab on everything like the army will. And how exactly does he plan on going to school in California, when he’ll have to serve duty in Florida on a regular basis?

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4 thoughts on “My boyfriend is going into the FL National Guard, im in CA pregnant with his child. What are my options?”

  1. If you are not legally married then you are not his dependent so therefore you receive no benefits.

    He will not be granted leave during BCT (Basic), if he is in AIT most likely not as you are not married. You will see him when he returns.

    The child will be covered once it is born. The military can require a DNA test to prove that the child is his if you are not married. Once it is verified the child will be eligible for a military ID card and use of some base/post facilities, along with medical coverage.

    While AD in BCT and AIT he is considered Active Duty so he will get Basic Pay nothing more if he is not married. His pay doesn’t go up when you are married or if you have children it is based on Rank and Time in. He MIGHT be eligible for BAH (housing allowance) if he has rental unit or mortgage in his name and will be returning to it after training. He will have to submit the paperwork to his Recruiter about this. When he is in the NG he will only get Drill Pay and he will have to pay for Tricare for himself and the baby. He will drill once a month, 2 weeks out of the year.

    He will not be able to go AD and then change to the CA NG it is entirely different, he would have to be released from the FL first.

    ETA: 10 days of paternity leave is granted but normally only for MARRIED AD personnel. As they are not legally married it does not have to be granted at all and it is only when AD. As he is NG it is not the same when he is finished he will return home anyway.

    And you can actually be AD national Guard they do have full time personnel running things in the office/command.

  2. Smells like doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The National Guard is the Army, it’s just not full-time…

    When you are on active duty (which he will be considered ONLY for the time while he’s at basic and AIT) and you have a child, the father is entitled to 10 days of paternity leave. However, you cannot miss more than a certain amount of training time in basic and AIT. Leaving for 10 days may make him have to re-start his training.

    Insurance is not free to him and his family like it is for active duty Soldiers. He would have to pay co-pays and make sure he’s going to approved doctors. As a girlfriend, you are not eligible for any of these benefits. Once the baby is born, he can enroll the baby into his DEERS and then into TriCare, but again, he’ll be paying co-pays and other fees. If you get married before the baby is born and he gets you enrolled, then you’ll be partially covered as well. Whenever he’s activated for 30 or more days (and basic training and AIT do count as being activated), he will have full coverage for that time only.

    It’s really hard to switch units in the national guard. FL is about to be spending a lot of money on him to put him through training. His unit commander is not going to just throw that money away by letting him transfer out to CA. It can be done, but it’s very difficult.

    In the guard, he will not get any extra money for having a family. That’s only active duty, and you only get a little bit of extra money for housing costs. Since national guard doesn’t give you any housing allowance, there won’t be any difference after the baby’s born.

  3. Give the baby up for adoption. You are not ready for a family if you have not prepared yourself by buying insurance. You are another sponge getting money from the government to support what you cant afford yourself.

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