“parenting” concerned parent?? help me?

Question by Angelina C: “parenting” concerned parent?? help me?
Ok, I am a little concerned about my 3 1/2 year old son. He seems to me, to be a little mean. Im not sure if its normal behavior or what. The most recent, and was very concerning to me, was he through our 3 month old puppy down the stairs. She is completly fine suprisingly, but I am concerned for him. He threw her behind the couch. He is mean to his brother, he will just push him down. He hits our older dog in the face. He says mean things to me, like “i dont love you any more” or “i dont like you” we dont say those things, he says “i hate you” but at the same time he can be vey sweet and he will ask to cuddle and he is all boy. but sometimes he just relly concerns me. I just dont know or think its normal! Does anyone else know? or have any advice? i know harming animals is something to be concerned about, i dont want him to grow up and be like a serial killer!! help me!!

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Answer by 7 Beautiful Smiles
Dont Worry! It is pretty typicall for little boys to be mean at that age. I know my son was terrile at 3 1/2. He was always saying Im not your friend, I dont love you anymore, and was always saying No. I wouldnt be too concerned about that part, basically you wil just have to be assertive with him, even if that means a huge tantrum. On the animal part, I would be concerned, you might sit down and talk to him about hurting animals. Try keeping him involved, let him help feed the dog, brush her, etc. Maybe that will let him show interest. Being mean to his brother is something that is difficult, I am not sure if he is older or younger, my son never did anything to his older brother, but he was always picking on his little sister. He just turned 5, and he has totally grown out of all this! Just stick in there! Best of Luck!

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3 thoughts on ““parenting” concerned parent?? help me?”

  1. Hi,
    I am guessing he might want attention. When I was his age, although I didn’t do things quite like that, I did do and say some things that I didn’t really mean. Is his brother older or younger? If he is younger, it could be the typical unwanted little sibling, and your son is jealous. If he is older, he might want to impress the Older sibling. You know your son better than I do, but those are some guesses. Good luck 🙂

  2. Being so mean to the animals is the only thing that worries me much here. Most of it sounds like an active little boy testing his limits and seeing how much control he can have over the world. I am guessing this is all it is with the puppy and dogs too. But you really need to put a stop to this! If you can’t figure out the right discipline to get him to stop on your own – I think you should speak with his pediatrician for more help and ideas.

    I assume you have tried explaining to him that it hurts them and have tried punishing him. … You should probably have a close look at all outside influences he has too. Even how the neighbors treat each other, what is on tv (including commercials), and what other relatives / babysitters / whoever he spends time with are exposing him to.

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