Question by willy d: Parents…?
If there was a contraceptive that prevented pregnancy and contracting an STD 100 percent, would you let your teen have sex if they practiced using this birth control?

Give your reasons for and against.

And please give logical answers.
Due on #2 : What’s your standpoint on this issue, I understand you reasoning.

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Answer by Jason T
Yes, as long as they are ready for the emotional repricutions.

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3 thoughts on “Parents…?”

  1. No. Teens are not mature enough to handle a sexual relationship for many reasons. STDs and pregnancy are only two of the reasons.

  2. thumbs down on me all you want but this is my answer:

    If there was a fool proof way to make sure pregnancy and STDs do not happen, i will definately allow my child. As long as they are of a reasonable age (NOT 11, 12, 13) maybe 16 or so. Think about it. Many teens and even younger will have sex whether you allow it or not. Its a matter of being safe. I know that my kids will when they get older. Heck, i had sex for the first time at 13years of age.

    But, if i knew that my child would use that method 100% of the time, and if i knew she (or he) wouldnt be sleeping around with many people, then yes, i would allow it.

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