Q&A: anyone know of a healthy cake recipe for baby’s first birthday?

Question by girl: anyone know of a healthy cake recipe for baby’s first birthday?

Marsh it doesn’t HAVE to be healthy but i would prefer it to be. Plus she hasn’t had egg yet so I am worried about that. But mostly I dont’ want her having a lot of sugar its unnecessary and kids don’t need it, its not like she will know the difference anyways. Do you know of a recipe.

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Answer by iwishiweresomewhereotherthanhere
It doesn’t have to be a cake, make a pie!

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: anyone know of a healthy cake recipe for baby’s first birthday?”

  1. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Make it from scratch. It’s not hard to do. The carrots are so sweet that you can substitute some whole wheat flour for AP flour. “Whole Foods for The Whole Family” has a good recipe, but you can probably find a good one online.

    I made a carrot cake for my son’s first birthday. I decorated it with regular frosting, as I’m big on fancy cakes. He still likes carrot cake, although I have to call it carrot-muffin dessert, as he has since been introduced to “real” sweets, and can certianly tell (at 6) the difference between cake and carrot cake!
    One-year-olds normally just smear the cake and such on their faces anyway 🙂

  2. Well there is a diet soda cake.

    just mix the cake batter and a diet soda of your choice together sucha as..

    chocolate and diet cherry coke
    yellow and diet orange
    white and diet 7-up
    (the list goes on and on)

    then top it with cool whip… trust me it is soooo soft and fluffy.
    I also add an egg white or two so it isnt gummy


    Bake a cake and use apple sauce instead of oil. It cuts out alot of fat. Plus use whip cream frosting.. alot less sugar.

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