Q&A: do i act like a grandma if i tell my friend this? Grown ups this is for u!!?

Question by : do i act like a grandma if i tell my friend this? Grown ups this is for u!!?
okay so i have this friend and she is close to me like a sister. she’s a good girl n never had sex before. she’s not naive or stupid @ all when it comes to guys. but since she’s sixteen she thinks she ready for sex. she tells me that she is going to get a paps mere before she haves sex so the doctors can tell her parents that she isnt sexually active. and then she is going to have sex. I WANT TO TELL HER SO BAD TO SIT DOWN SOME WHERE!!! ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. OPEN A BOOK AND READ!!! but i know that she would get mad. so what should i tell her to do? is that a smart thing she is doing??

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Answer by WingedJewel
Not smart at all! Tell her your concerns and how you feel about the situation. Discuss with her the pros and cons. Has she thought about the risks? Pregnancy, STD’s, etc? What is she really getting out of it? 16 is a very young age to start thinking about sexual relations, especially with all 16 year old guys not being very mature and caring.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: do i act like a grandma if i tell my friend this? Grown ups this is for u!!?”

  1. Of course what she is thinking is wrong.let her know that what she is about to do will give her a bad name as she will have many guys in her life before she finds the right one.Then she will be proud of herself for waiting.Tell her not to lose her self respect as guys use girls like her to get what they want and then they dump them.She will feel bad about herself if she decides to give in so easily.I hope you can talk to her because you may have some input on her decisions she makes.

  2. Ask her why it is so important to have sex. For status? To boast to her friends that she’s not a virgin? At her age, there is no reason for her to be having sex.

    Here’s one thing that you can tell her to ask herself.

    “Is this something that I have to keep secret from my parents?”

    Because if the answer is yes, then it’s something that she should not be doing.

    Most teenagers have this view that they are invulnerable from either contracting an STD or in a female’s case, being pregnant when that is far from the truth.

    There is a reason why adults are called “adults”.

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