Q&A: Family hates eating vegetarian,advice?

Question by : Family hates eating vegetarian,advice?
I’m a seventeen year old girl who has been a semi-vegetarian for about six months, and I’m slowly becomming a full fledged vegetarian. Currently my family doesn’t have problems with my decision, but my mother gets angry any time I won’t eat something. There have been some other current changes in my diet lately, some that I couldn’t control for health reasons.

So I guess the problem that I am having is with the fact that my mother doesn’t really want to try and find new things to cook, she just gets frustrated. She wants me to cook all the time because I’m willing to find the recipies and make the effort, but I’m busy a lot of the time. I’m not really asking much, but she got really angry when I told her I couldn’t eat something anymore because it made me sick.

Suggesions? Advice? Opinions?

Anything is welcome.

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Help your mom out by offering to cook a vegetarian dinner for the whole family at least once a week. Find some good recipes and make a few different dishes that you think everyone will be able to enjoy, and make enough that you can have leftovers if you don’t like what she makes the next night. Think of stuff that even meat-eaters might like, but that are still healthy, like eggplant parmesan or vegetarian chilli. This will help take some pressure off your mom, while showing her that there are all kinds of new dishes to try.

Do not tell her that her food makes you sick. It’s rude, and it seems like the main reason she got mad. If you don’t want a dish, simply say, “No, thank you,” and don’t make a big deal of it so everyone else can enjoy their meal. Either eat salad/side dishes or get up and make yourself a sandwich. It seems like your mom is trying to accept your decision but you can’t expect her to make an entirely different meal for you every night if the rest of the family wants steak. That is asking a lot. Are you really busier than your mom? It takes no time for you to boil pasta and put some sauce on it, or to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, yogurt…that sort of thing. Don’t treat your mom like your personal chef and I bet she will have a much better attitude about your food choices.

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Family hates eating vegetarian,advice?”

  1. First of all, your mother has no obligation to cook vegetarian food for you. If that’s what you want to eat, then you should really cook for yourself. You say you’re too busy, but it’s up to you to look after your special needs. Ask for a food allowance and take time to look after yourself. Stop dumping on other people.

    As for the other person’s suggestion that you cook a vegetarian meal for the whole family: that sums up my attitude towards the preaching aspect of vegetarianism. I hate that. Your family has every right to eat what they want. It’s their choice, not yours (or someone else’s).

  2. If you are committed to being a vegetarian, then you really have to make time to cook. Give your mum the night off cooking say one night a week, or cook together. You could also set aside a few hours to prepare some vegetarian meals and freeze them for use when your mum is cooking meat (surely they don’t eat ONLY meat?).

    I moved out of home at 17 to take control of my life, so I wouldn’t have to eat meat. Seriously, it’s the reason I moved out.

  3. it is actually funny……..bcoz even i have gone completely vegetarian……and not my family but my nearest relatives forces me on not to be completely vegetarian…………….

  4. I’m going to have to agree with the people who say you have to be willing to cook for yourself. You either need to feed yourself every time you eat, or work something out with your mom and do something for her in exchange for her going out of her way to cook something special for you. If your family doesn’t want vegetarian entrees, make something else instead, or pick up extra chores. It’s just not fair to dump this extra work on her just because you’ve changed your mind about how you’re going to eat. Maybe you can keep frozen food or the ingredients for quick meals on hand, for those times when you don’t have much time and nobody else is going to cook for you.

  5. First thing’s first, they will eventually come around, as long as you stick to your convictions!

    Just an FYI, dealing with your family dealing with you being veg is likely not gonna be easy. I have very open-minded parents who don’t eat meat that often, and my mom got sooooo mad.

    Just remember, that they probably will make some disapproving comments and be criticizing to you, but the key thing is that YOU know why you’re doing this! That is the same reason that I went vegan.

    My dad’s side is a meat & potatoes Chicago family, and my mom’s side is a meat & potatoes rural Wisconsin family, so being vegetarian made me the black sheep. I was vegetarian for a month and on Thanksgiving my aunt goes “So are you ‘still’ a vegetarian?” I felt taken back, because I could tell my aunt, like my mom, thought it was just a “phase”. The best thing to do is just to let any comments go (even when it’s hard), they will eventually accept it. If they criticize, you’ll see why and it’ll may even make you laugh a bit.

    A little factoid to keep in your head: The people who are going to pull the “unhealthy” argument… typically are very unhealthy themselves. Just keep observing that. Example: my uncle just ripped on me THIS Christmas like “haha more meat for me. blah blah” and my other aunt, his wife, says “Well I’m glad YOU’RE making the healthy choice in the family”… all I did was look at my dad, smirk, and think to myself “my uncle is very overweight and my aunt (who isn’t family by blood) is a chain smoker… I win”. I didn’t even need to say anything to them, because I knew that I was healthier, and I didn’t need to prove it.

    It’s gonna be tough, so be ready for it, but you’ll be amazed how much of your family comes around. On my mom’s side of the family, every Christmas and Thanksgiving, we make a vegetarian option, and my own aunt even proposed a vegetarian Christmas. My mom, THREE MONTHS AGO, finally said “You know, you’re really going to benefit from the lifestyle choice you made”

    Just keep at it, and people will come around.


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