Q&A: Going car shopping for a new car for my wife what u think she should get?

Question by Tim: Going car shopping for a new car for my wife what u think she should get?
this weekend we are going looking for a new car, truck or suv for my Sharon. Sharon needs something that is good in the snow and ice since she drive about a half hour to and from work she is 5ft3 and she wears a lot of skirt and dresses to work Sharon also wants something with an Automatic starter so what do u think Sharon should get we live in mass so we get a lot of bad wather

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Here are some tips I think everyone should hear before they become parents. Thumbs up if you are ready for spring because Heaven knows I am!!! 🙂 xoxo Conn…
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17 thoughts on “Q&A: Going car shopping for a new car for my wife what u think she should get?”

  1. Yes sooooo agree about the “normal” part! The kids are always constantly
    growing and developing new routines upon new routines!!!! I’ve finally
    accepted that once I had 3 under 3 lol!! And congrats with 10k!!!!!!!!!!!
    So blessed to see your growth so proud of u friend!!!!!

  2. Love your hair straight! I thought something was different but I couldn’t
    quite put my finger on it. 😛 Great tips! I agree with them all!

  3. Great tips ! I’m a vlogger on Aruba with a 4 month old and get the weirdest
    tips all the time ! Drink chocolate milk for more breastmilk ! Give your
    baby water instead of a feed during the night, it will make him sleep
    through the night ! I always trust my own intuition and indeed, my baby is
    not like every one’s baby ! Great video !
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx From ARUBA !

  4. I wished I would have know not to break a sweat whenever my boys were
    babies and wanted to eat every 2 hours instead of every 3-4 hours like the
    doctors and nurses told me they would. My oldest would eat every 3 to 4
    hours but my 2 youngest boys ate a lot, they would hungry every 2 to 2 1/2

  5. My best mommy advice is to hold, hug, cuddle and kiss your child all day
    long…they will grow up so fast and start wiggling out of your hugs, and
    you’ll long for those cuddle moments. Kiss them..even on the days they’ve
    been naughty; never withhold affection. 

  6. Another great video, Michelle! And amen to the power of prayer!! Based on
    my four and a half months of motherhood experience so far, my advice would
    be to throw expectations out the window. My daughter is different than I
    expected, my choices are different, my parenting style…the list goes on!
    It’s been a beautiful ride that has taught me to shatter expectations and
    to just live and enjoy each day. 

  7. The biggest thing I have learned is you can’t get so caught up in routines
    and discipline that you forget to take the time to just enjoy your child. 

  8. None of the books ever really fit my rotten baby 🙂 she only slept through
    the night after I started dumping a jar if baby bananas in her bottle (who
    doesn’t love flavored milk right) normal for us is chaos once you learn to
    embrace being in a zoo you wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂 loved the

  9. Today is totally the day I needed to hear this especially the last one. I
    sometimes focus WAY too much on getting on a schedule to make life normal
    but your totally right she’ll get out of a phase and we’ll be on the
    schedule perfectly for like a day but one day she’s not gonna need me.
    Thanks for this 🙂 I’ll enjoy my not so normal life more it’ll be done
    before I know it 

  10. One of my friends always had an immaculate house, but I never realised why
    at the time. She would stay up nearly all night cleaning it! In the end it
    made her ill and she learnt that her house didn’t have to be perfect all
    the time and her health was way more important.

  11. My husband always says “get back to normal” I liked your interpretation of
    it though….I try to remind him that there will always be a new challenge.

  12. Loved loved this video michelle! Agreed with everything!!!! Such a great
    video topic! I seriously do the same…some days I have no energy to stress
    over little stuff so I let them run around ahaha!!! Seriously no ones life
    is perfect!!!! Soooooo true!!!!

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