Q&A: how can you get rid of the feeling that everyone is better than you?

Question by hannah: how can you get rid of the feeling that everyone is better than you?
it feels like people think or act like theyre better then me, and it might be because most people my age are out partying all the time and make friends so easily while i prefer to stay home alot of the time or just get to nervous around big groups of people..is this weird? is there a way for the feeling to leave?

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Answer by Dylan
get better than everyone at everything you do. then you will no longer feel like everyone is better than you, as you will actually be better than them

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: how can you get rid of the feeling that everyone is better than you?”

  1. No everyone is different. Go with your friends every now and then. talk to people more offten if you dont know what to say then watch how your friends do it and try that. be yourself:)

  2. The best way to combat this feeling is to stay positive. Nobody is completely “better” than anyone else. The strengths of the people your age that you are describing are social but beyond that they have their own struggles and weaknesses. You are saying you feel uncomfortable in social situations but you too have your own strengths. Just focus on what makes you happy and what fulfills you and don’t worry about what is deemed as proper by society and your peers. If you want to feel more comfortable in social situations just start out small. Go to a party with a close friend and only stay for an hour or so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the large crowd. Trust me you don’t have to go out a lot to have fun! Many people have fun staying in and reading a book or watching TV and it is also fun to go out to dinner or a movie or what not with a few close friends. Try not to worry so much and I hope this helps. Good luck!!

  3. I’m no psychologist or counselor, but I’ve found in my 42yrs of life that what you are experiencing is not uncommon at all. You are probably dealing with low self-esteem. On the opposite end of the scale are the people who think too highly of themselves. You’ve probably run into many of these types. They are quick to judge others and render their verdict that you are “less-than” themselves and their kind. Their social bullying only reinforces your feelings and need to isolate.
    I was never good at this either, but I think it would help if you were to reach out to others who may be dealing with the same kind of issues as yourself. Everyone should have a network of friends and acquaintances who will be a source of positive input into their life. Find common ground with people you perceive as safe to be around and start being a positive input into their lives. They say what comes around goes around. If you give a little, you’ll get a little back.
    You’ll find that your circle of really good friends will never get very big. Even highly social people only have a few “close” friends. For example: Jesus, yes; the son of God, only had three closest friends on this earth (John, Peter and I think the third was James) anyway I heard that on the christian talk radio station last week.
    This issue you are dealing with will not get better with time by ignoring it, btw. I hear a lot of good advice on such things on the previously mentioned radio station. Another good source of advice would be from a good caring “parent.” Yes, yours or a good friend’s whom you trust. Another good source of advice could be your student counselor at school. You may want to pitch them a slow-ball so you can get a feel of their trustworthiness first before you really open up to them with more important issues though. This would be a good approach with any counseling source.
    If you can find activities that you like and just get used to mingling and interacting with more people you will be better off in the long run. I only wish I had improved my people skills while in grade school. The earlier you start, the better, but you can only start when you’ve identified the problem and solution as well. People want to help others, that’s why I’m taking the time to write to you. Remember this when you reach out to people you feel you can trust. Start building quality relationships with baby-steps. Maintain the ones you want to keep (or they will go away – seriously). I do hope something in this helps. God bless.

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