Q&A: How do I tell my parents I don’t want to eat fast food?

Question by JustKeepMovingOn.: How do I tell my parents I don’t want to eat fast food?
I feel bad because they always pay for it, like McDonald’s and stuff. But I really don’t want to eat that kind of food anymore, it’s really unhealthy. So how should I tell them I don’t want to eat it.? It’s kind of a stupid question but I’ve gained 6 pounds this week from it!

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Answer by i has a mustache
When ever they ask you if you want mickey d’s just say your not hungry.

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10 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I tell my parents I don’t want to eat fast food?”

  1. Tell them the truth, that you just dont want to eat it because its so unhealthy, and tell them in a nice way. I’m sure they’ll understand

  2. Tell them, “Mom, Dad, I think we are eating very unhealthy foods. I think it’s time for a change.” Tell them that you’ve gained 6 pounds from it and you want to lose it. Maybe your whole family should start eating healthy ! And you can start exercising by doing family “Zumba” or other things 🙂
    Hope This Helped !

  3. Declare to your parents that you want to live healthily and want to heat healthy homecooked meals.
    If they don’t understand you, then they just want to save money on food. If that ever happens then just make a food budget or something

  4. you can tell them that you want to order something healthier from macdonalts like a salad or chicken?
    I m sure they will understand!

  5. Yea what Ashley said.

    Not only you tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not going to eat it anymore but you should explain to them that they shouldn’t eat that crap either.

    Tell them to buy you some good tasting veg. item//snack or meal instead, that way they know you’re not having a problem with consuming food/calories but you just don’t want to have fast food.

    Like I said, tell them clearly like you mean business and they should stop and support you in your pursuit to a healthy lifestyle (and if they’re really cool and you are persistent, they’ll stop eating crap fast food too and join you in your healthy eating ways.).

  6. Will they let you get a salad with fat free dressing on the side? Stay away from the big salads with all the dressings and fried chicken strips. The best thing you could do is just choose healthier options. McDonald’s has apple pieces and fruit bowls now. You shouldn’t have to eat the burgers and fried chicken nuggets.

  7. Honestly, just tell them the truth & encourage them to spend money on healthy food (whether out or in). If it’s an issue of not wanting to cook, maybe you could tell them you will cook for them.

  8. Tell them you don’t want it, and say you’d rather eat a peanut butter sandwich if it’s quick/convenient. If you’re worried about healthy, but they want to feed the family something quick (because they’re tired, but family must be fed), you need to offer a quick alternative that requires no work for them. Be honest about why you don’t want the food, and work with them.

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