Q&A: Requirement for driving test?

Question by YuriMcFlurry: Requirement for driving test?
How many hours do you have to drive before you do the driving test? Including at night?

The hours in California 🙂

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Answer by Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Hi! It’s really not about the hours but your “skills” in driving. The law states 50 hours (10 hours nighttime) which your parent(s) sign on page two of your permt…where it states “additional driving practice..”
Keep in mind, the more experience (hours) you’ve accumulated, the less nervouse you’ll be at the DMV.
My experience is that MANY teens today are being hampered by parents that don’t wish to take them DRIVING. I DO NOT consider driving to/from school as “driving experience.” Usually, that is only 10 – 20 mins.
More skills are gained when you drive in unfamiliar areas, for at least an hour!

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