Q&A: should i give my piercer tip?

Question by Amanda<3: should i give my piercer tip?
i am going to get an industrial piercing soon and it’s going to be $ 60. i never really paid for this kinda stuff (hair, nails, etc) where you have to give a tip, my parents have always done that. but should i give hi a tip and how much? and how would i give it to him like would i go up to him n be like “here’s your tip” or give him a certain amount and be like “keep the change” haha help (:

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Answer by Poopsie Mellish
As a cosmetologist tipping is not a city in China! To get the best service a tip is not required, but gives you the best service to be remembered. I hope you don’t go to a cafe and not leave a few bucks for the waitress! always leave a tip!

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One thought on “Q&A: should i give my piercer tip?”

  1. tips are based on a percentage of the bill, just like a restaurant. 10% is not a good tip, but it’s better than nothing. 15% is average or a normal, descent tip. 20% really says thank you, you were great!
    so, it depends on the service. if everything was great… 20% is a great way of showing your appreciation. however, i’m a piercer and i wait tables, so i’m a 20% tipper. if that’s too much for you, anything is better than nothing. but don’t feel like you have to tip if the person doesn’t deserve it

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