Q&A: whats a better do maltese or sheltie?

Question by : whats a better do maltese or sheltie?
I just was looking at both dogs and both are cute but wich one is the best help?

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Answer by Kacie!
In my opinion, Maltese are better. Maltese don’t shed and they love to play around with you, cuddle, and you can dress them up in sweaters and what not. Shelties are beautiful dogs and they are great for dog shows. They’re smart and very fast learners! They shed and take more grooming than Maltese. You can keep the Shelties hair long or medium, they look gorgeous either way. If you want a small dog, Maltese. If you want a show dog, Sheltie. I hope that helped!!!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: whats a better do maltese or sheltie?”

  1. Jackie…

    From personal experience as a former Sheltie owner (and former Maltese owner), I can tell you that you DON’T keep a Sheltie’s fur “long or medium” as the other responder indicated. You leave their coat as it is naturally or you risk losing its luxurious composition.

    They do require regular brushing and are a double-coated breed that can be plagued with mats in their downy undercoat if not brushed regularly. However, this isn’t as labor intensive as most people would think. Once to twice a week is usually plenty depending on the level of activity and collars used (they tend to get more matted around their necks where collars are prone to cause friction). Maintaining their ear conformation (plucking) and manicuring their hocks is usually the only kind of true “grooming” you would probably need to experience if acquiring as a pet.

    They are smart, agile, friendly and very dedicated to their owner. They are not a dog you “dress up” in cute little garments.

    On the other hand, the Maltese is a single coated breed with what most consider “hair”…not “fur” but, if kept in a more “natural” state will require more grooming. “Dirt and tangling is a factor, as they are prone to picking up every dust bunny in the house or leaf from the yard. Therefore, regular professional grooming of a Maltese is something you seriously should consider. They are sweet, very loving dogs who tend to be quite submissive around guests or strangers, and too many people treat them like bedroom slippers or dress up dolls which turns them into more of a lap dog than anything else.

    The Maltese tends to shed very little while the Sheltie will “blow” their coat twice a year or so depending on seasons — and that can be a real treat! If not properly trained, both can be quite “verbal” so barking can become a problem if allowed.

    The decision you make has nothing to do with which one is “the best” but which one would better suit your expectations and your level of activity or interests. If you are an active person who appreciates throwing a ball or wants to get involved in agility or other things, I would suggest the Sheltie. If you are more prone to allergies, want a dog you can easily carry around when you go into a store or have on your lap often, I would suggest a Maltese. Both are bright, loving and affectionate and thrive on the attention of their “parent”.

    I have loved both breeds. And part of choosing which one to have had to do with my own stage in life and what I was specifically looking for in a pet at the time. You need to evaluate exactly where you are right now in yours and what your expectations are at THIS time.

    Good luck!

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