Q&A: why are people so promiscuous these days?

Question by Bewildered: why are people so promiscuous these days?
aren’t they afraid of catching diseases or ending up with a psycho

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Answer by Oscar
I do not think people are any more promiscuous that they ever were. They just don’t have to hide it like they used to do.

There used to be some hefty social penalties for being promiscuous. So people tried to keep it from being generally known. It did not stop them from doing it. But it did cause them to hide it better.

According to the national safety council there were 39800 traffic deaths last year which is supposed to be a record low. See many people stop driving because of fear. Why would being promiscuous be any different?

Different people are willing to endure different levels of risk depending on what is important to them. The fact is nothing is risk free.

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One thought on “Q&A: why are people so promiscuous these days?”

  1. An interesting question…

    i think there are a few reasons behind it, all of them really dumb except for my last reason, which is absolutely unfortunate.

    It could be to fit in. …”everybody else is doing it.” They want to have sex just to say they had it.

    It could be a competition. i’ve had sex with x number of people. How many have you had sex with?

    It could be simply out of curiousity, to see what it’s like.

    It could be simply because it’s “fun” or it “feels good.”

    It could be simply to satisfy sexual frustration.

    It could be because a woman wants to make a man happy, and by having sex with a man, they think/feel that this makes the guy happy and closer to them, when in the end, and unfortunately, though i don’t mean this offensively, it turns out the woman’s naiivity gets the best of her when she finds out she was just being used, and ends up getting crushed in the end.

    There are countless, ridiculous reasons…it’s horrible-these reasons i just mentioned are what i can think of off the top of my head. —

    —However, my final reason is because of childhood abuse (sexual). Usually, people who are sexually abused as children end up being promiscuous, and it’s not their fault, not something they can initially control. …It’s a subconcious coping mechanism in which they are looking for the love and affection they never received as a child, and as a result, they’ll go from person to person, having sex with them, because they feel that this provides them with the affeciton they’re so desperately looking for. Of course, and unfortunately, this is only furtherly self-destructing, and does not help in any way possible. …i really don’t understand why any “parent” would sexually abuse their child. …It’s just absolutely inhumane, and i don’t understand why this problem isn’t further addressed.

    i don’t know what it is…lack of education…lack of knowledge….i mean, it’s both fortunate and unfortunate, because some use condoms and take “the pill,” while others don’t. Though it’s at least good to know there are people who are using protection, it’s not good to know that some of these people are friggin 13…possibly even younger. i mean, this is ridiculous, but not only did i hear in the news once that there was a 12 year old girl who was pregnant (and chose to have the child), but also, where i used to go in middle school, there was an f’ing 7th grader who got pregnant (and again, we’re talking like..a 11…12 year old girl. It’s just absolutely ludicrious..it’s a disgrace).

    A lot of people blame lack of parental involvement, but i’m just not sure who valid an argument is. Of course, i’m saying this due to a lack of a relationship with my parents, so whatever they told me when i was younger went through one ear and out the other, though i am filled with morale and am still a virgin today. But i mean…some kids don’t have good relationships with their parents…how effective would a talk be? There’s only so much you can do…in my opinion at least, you can’t really help a kid fight peer pressure…that kid needs to develop the will power to fight it off and ignore any and all derogatory remarks…acts that may result when they find out that person is actually smart enough not to ruin their life. … i mean…obviously…even if protection is used and no pregnancy results, girls earn that loose repuatation too, so i mean, i don’t understand why people can’t understand or see all the negative consequences resulting from having sex at such a young age.

    …i don’t think they understand the true meaning behind sex… something is wrong…what IS causing kids to be promiscuous….i mean…outside of the reasons i’ve mentioned…what is really the root of the problem? Perhaps it is poor parenting…not teaching children to behave in more appropriate manners…it’s sad…depressing…and it just makes me sick to see where society is going. … i mean, i’m sorry for such digression and a long post here, but look at Jamie Lynn Spears, and even Miley Cyrus. …At 16, Jamie got pregnant and she now has a kid. ..There was no societal outrage over such a popular cultural icon getting pregnant at such a young age. … Yay! Let’s support tweens getting pregnant! …. And as for Miley, with this latest development of her new….attire…and her parents not showing protest now anymore…i knew it was gona happen and this is only going to further support the slum that exists.

    This is, as you can see, a subject that really really bothers me…upsets me….and i really wish something could happen to just….smarten kids up and change things around for the better. ..i mean jeeze…when i was in 8th grade, there was this huge talk about AIDS and i was scared ****less as a result…they scared the ever living **** out of me. …i mean…perhaps that’s what needs to happen, as horrible as that sounds…some sort of … new STD needs to just totally outbreak and scare the **** out of the kids..

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