Q&A: Windows Vista Parental Controls?

Question by Fierycore: Windows Vista Parental Controls?
Is there a way to bypass the parental controls on Windows Vista? My parents recently changed the controls so that it turns off at 12 a.m.

I have access to the administrator’s account, but when I attempt to make changes to the Parental Controls options, it asks for a password.

I’m not looking for a “talk to your parents” answer, or that there’s a good reason they want me off.
When trying to make a new account it asks for an admin password.
I am ON the admininstrator’s account. However he made it so that anything you attempt to do asks for a password.

also, it’s not for porn. i want to play WoW =)

Best answer:

Answer by B.I.G.P.O.P.P.A
There’s a reason they want you off!


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  1. then maybe you should stop looking at porn..lol…seriously though if you have administrator privelages you should just see the UAC window and click ok…if it asks for your password then ur not an adminsitraor

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