Rum for infant teething?

Question by Barbi & Logan: Rum for infant teething?
My husband suggested last night a “tip” that his 70 yr old boss told him: To ease a baby’s teething, rub a lil bit of Rum on the gums. It’s supposed to take the pain outta the gums, your just supposed to rub a small drop only on the gums. (his boss swears that it works, my husband doesn’t know alot about babies)
has anyone else ever heard of this? would you try it? is there any truth in this “tip”??
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oh yes, i do use the infant orajel
SoGlam- you must not read very well, As I said : I WOULD NEVER DO THIS! i know its not good for babies. duh

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Answer by Mommy of a teen and a toddler
my mom told me that she used to dip her finger in whiskey and rub her finger on my yeah i heard of this before…now of days they have the baby orajel and other products to help ease the pain of i personally wouldn’t do it…but when i was a baby that is what the mothers did

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4 thoughts on “Rum for infant teething?”

  1. I have heard of it but I would never try it. Only because my little girl is now 10 months and she has been teething since she was 2 months. If i had rubbed rum on her gums, imagine I would have gone through the whole bottle. We all know Alcohol is not good for our babies so why try it??
    I even gave up on the baby orajel because it doesn’t work for a long time. It only works for 30 seconds.
    Whenever I knew my baby was teething, I would give her cold teething rings and she has a pacifier. She now has 8 teeth and she is doing well. If she has a fever, i would give her tylenol.

  2. My mother also claims that she rubbed whiskey on our gums for teething. This was in the 70’s. Like so many parenting approaches during this period, it has fallen out of favor.

    There are some numbing qualities to alcohol, but not enough to justify doing it in a word where oragel and infant tylenol exist. If it worked that well, every time I drank a manhattan, I’d feel like I’d just gone to the dentist.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either, that as an adult I have a taste for bourbon.

  3. Hiya,have never had to try it myself as found the powders for teething really good-though my mum and a few older friends swear by using alcohol! saying they’d make up a shot glass full and as you said just put finger in and dab onto the gums? so who knows? i might of tried it if mine got really bad with teething,but so far not needed to,i know that my mum had 9 kids and used this method and were all good and well today,none of us have any medical worries at all! so maybe could be great if someone at the end of there tether to try! (“-)?

  4. my grandma told me to use whiskey. I just use the teething drops from the drug store. (IDK what the name is, they have winnie the pooh on the front of the bottle though)

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