Should there be a license for parenting?

Question by Roumoun: Should there be a license for parenting?

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Answer by phate
already exists, it is called “common sense”

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16 thoughts on “Should there be a license for parenting?”

  1. NO, why should we have to have a license to be a parent???

    So families can donate even more money too the government to sit on there ass*s and do nothing???

    Sorry but I say a BIG FFAATT NO!

  2. I was going to say “I wish,” but any means by which it would be enforced would be HORRIBLY controversial, and potentially abused by those with power. So maybe not.

    And no, “common sense” doesn’t count, phate. How many people do we all know who are lacking it?

  3. That is like making people get licenses to live!! No there should not be licenses for parenting.There should be licenses for foster parents,and stricter rules on them too!! Stop abuse in foster homes!!!!

  4. yes y not..
    there is liscen for drinking , driving y not this……
    like u should have this much funds in ur account then only u can have baby

  5. LOL. um, yes, but no, coz its just.. oh, sorry, im too confusing, i dont want to make your head explode =P

    yes, but then no, in the end anyway

  6. Isn’t there enough government interference in our lives, already? What entity, exactly, would have the wisdom and the authority to issue these licenses? What would the penalty be for having a child without a license? What would happen to the children born to people devoid of a license? See what happens when you start to try to regulate human nature? There are just some things you can not legislate. Our government, unfortunately, has tried to legislate way too much.

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