Step-parent Creative Names?

Question by Theresa K: Step-parent Creative Names?
I am married to a wonderful man that had 2 children from a previous marriage. I have been in the children’s life since they were barely 1 & 3 and they are now 9 & 6. They have always called me by my first name & we have never pushed otherwise.

Now, the ex has remarried and they PUSHED the kids to call the new husband “Daddy” on the kids even though they have only been together less then 2 years. My husband isn’t totally against the “Dad” idea but he isn’t totally for it either.

I am just trying to think of maybe “names” that the kids can call myself and the new husband that would mean “Mom” & “Dad” but not those as that is reserved for their “real” parents (I hope that doesn’t sound horrible).

We are in a situation that there is 50/50 custoday & placement situation so all “parents” involved are very active in their lives. We the kids to feel like they can’t call the step-parent something if they want but my husband wants to reserve “Dad” for himself

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Answer by Valerie X Atheists Hate Me LOL!
Mami and Papi….

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5 thoughts on “Step-parent Creative Names?”

  1. Most people in that situation that I have known have called the step-parents by their given names. It’s less confusing, and no less affectionate.

    My fiancee calls his stepmom by her first name, and loves her to death – he doesn’t have to call her ‘mom’ to care about her.

  2. I completely see how that can rub you and your husband the wrong way.

    I think instead of letting the situation and frustration escalate, you need to have a sit down with their mom and her new husband without the kids around and tell them that you don’t think what they’ve done is appropraite, and these kids aren’t babies and even though they know who their mom and dad are, you feel that those names should be reserved for your husband and their mom. I would ask her how she would feel if the kids starting calling you mommy. I’m sure they will understand, just try to be the bigger person about it 🙂 Good luck. You’ve done the right thing by not pushing your stepchildren to call you something you want them to.

    PS-what about suggesting “poppy” or “pappa” for her new husband?

  3. UGH! My Step-mom forced us to call her “mom” as well! It’s awful! Not just for my biological mom, but for us kids as well!..I wonder if your husbands ex realizes that?? Anyway…my step mom had us call her “mom2” (lame)! What I would recommend is waiting. Don’t make up some name because you feel like you have to. Perhaps on a family outting something will come to you guys. For example, one time my “Jajee” (Grandpa in Polish…I think that’s how you spell it) took us three grandkids fishing and during that time he came up with a silly name that has stuck ever since for each of us…I know this is a grandparent example, but maybe something like that could happen for your new “name”? That way it’s more fun, rather than forced or uncomfortable…also, try asking them what they want to call you, I bet they have some good ideas!

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