Survey for feminists: are you against rap music?

Question by i ? ?: Survey for feminists: are you against rap music?
Are you just against rappers such as Eminem who have made anti-women song (or so it has been said)?
What about rap artists that are pro-women and have made many pro-women songs such as Nas?
Are you ok with rap being violent as long as it doesn’t degrade women?

(Just so you know, women are called the b word in rap, but men are called dogs and a b is a female dog so I guess this negate each other out.)

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Answer by the atomic bomb

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16 thoughts on “Survey for feminists: are you against rap music?”

  1. I’m not against rap music per se. I personally do not enjoy it but I am not about to tell anyone else that they can’t listen to it. I’d prefer the lyrics not be so violent or anti-women, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

  2. In general, I dislike rappers. And I hate Eminem.

    There are exceptions for clean rap, however, with no “dogs” and no bit**es.

    So I’m just against the offending parts.

  3. I don’t like rap simply because I don’t like the language that is most often used within the music and I don’t like any music that has any sort of violent tendency to it.

  4. I actually LOVE Eminem. I don’t usually listen to rap, but Eminem is actually VERY intelligent and his lyrics in “SOME” songs are really good (ie: Square Dance, Lose Yourself).

  5. Words have no power on their own, we give them power. With that said, I listen to songs and lyrics I can relate to. Today’s Hip hip or Rap has become crap…it’s no longer art or creativity but the same one beat being repeated with the same lines. I miss the old school rappers.

    In addition, I think we need to stop calling our own kind derrogotive names. Young Blacks need to stop referring to each other as niggaz and to women as bitc hes and hoes. The youth think that this is ok, our generation thinks it is ok. The only ones that dont, are the older people that lived throught the civil rights era. While we continue to make it okay for rappers and for the music to constantly be voiced in it, we open it up to be socially acceptable for White or sexist America! So you have all these young kids whether they are White Asian, Mexican or whatever just calling eath other the n-word in front of their black friends like nothing is wrong, and for little boys to call girls hoes and Bs like it’s normal.

  6. I like good music of all types.
    Eminem will never be good music. Even if he were rapping about Gender Politics 101. He just doesn’t have a good sound.

    Over all, I see rap as poetry.
    Some of it sounds nice, some of it has a good message. When you get both, you’re gold.

    Violence is a fact of life for many people, artists included. Of course their poetry will include violence. Either that, or lying, which doesn’t sound as good.

  7. I generally do not like rap much because I can’t understand the words, many have vulgar language and are antiwoman as well as there is very little music being preformed. I grew up taking piano lessons, clarinet lessons and voice lessons as well as preforming in the high school band, and playing piano and organ in church. I think , because of my background, that if there is no melody, it is not music.

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