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Q&A: what is the doctor confidentially agreement in Pennsylvania?

Question by Lady XO۫e: what is the doctor confidentially agreement in Pennsylvania?
well i come from a very religious background, basically if my mom finds out i am sexually active, im dead meat. im sixteen, and going to the gynecologist next week. obviously he is going to ask if i ever had sex. im not going to lie to him. could he tell my mom that i am not a virgin?

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Answer by Damon Lyon
In your particular case, the doctor may or may not feel obligated to inform your parents. Normally, confidentiality dictates that a doctor allow a teenager the same rights as he would an adult, which means that unless you were in a life threatening situation, he should keep information between the two of you between the two of you.

Its pretty much his call, though.

You should ask him straight forwardly when you arrive, “Are you going to share any of this information with my parents”?

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