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Is it possible to sever ties with your entire family and be happy?

Question by Drivenbydesire: Is it possible to sever ties with your entire family and be happy?
I’m 28 and I feel blessed to be healthy, have a good job and live with the love of my life. However, I’m scared that I’m losing my mind because of the traumatic experiences I had. I cut off my family a year ago. After a messy divorce, my dad used me as his ATM, emotionally blackmailing me whenever I refused to lend him money and my mom treated me like I was her rival. All my life, she put me down and saw me as a threat. My brother and sister are selfish and very materialistic. So many people said “But they are your parents!” and expected me to put up with harmful behavior just because!

Since my family was so crappy, I chose to focus on making myself happy, put myself through college, worked hard and realized my dream of becoming a successful tv reporter. When my relatives started seeing me on tv, they assumed they could extort me for money and tried to guiltrip me into giving them money. I initially gave them money but recently decided to stop being used.

The only person who truly loved me was my grandfather, but he died 3 years ago and it devastated me to the point that I got very sick but I’m better now. I always focused on moving on but I’m haunted by painful memories. I’m lucky to be engaged to the most amazing guy in the world but I’m still a little sad to not have a family. My mom told me God would punish me for being a bad person. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety. I don’t want to feel guilty anymore, especially if one of my parent dies. They never cared about me. How do I stop caring about them?

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Answer by wishnuwelltoo
But you need counseling to cope with the trauma your family put you through

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