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Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?

Question by thatgirl: Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?
Or did they surprise you?
Not really getting the caliber of answers I had hoped for so far :/

Best answer:

Answer by cafe_au_lait
kind of.

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fellow christians, disbelief and those they love?

Question by —: fellow christians, disbelief and those they love?
*as christians, how do you emotionally cope with those you love who don’t know christ, refuse to know him, or just lack the interest?
*does it make you worry and do you find yourself feeling defeated because of it, out of sadness and dread for their soul?
*what can i do to put my mind at rest and give matters to god?
*how can i be most effective in my intercessory prayer?
*will jesus honor the prayers of those who intercede for the loved ones through the revelation of his spirit into their life?

everyone christian has loved ones who they treasure more than their own life, so does it worry you, or cause you to tire of this world, or hate the enemy because they don’t have christ as their savior? i am opening myself up to intense ridicule by unbelievers, but for any of you who believe, i think you will understand. do you love your spouses, family, and friends so much but feel helpless in their relationship with jesus? i find myself thinking about this a lot and feel the weight of it

Best answer:

Answer by Hannah V
I am a Baptist. We try to get them closer to god. and if they refuse to pray for them that god is on your side. he will be. HE honers everyones prayers just give back to him and you will be blessed i promise. just say to him i want you to become more and me to become less!

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who uses Lexis Nexis consumer reports, and for what reasons do they use them?

Question by slomoshn: who uses Lexis Nexis consumer reports, and for what reasons do they use them?

Best answer:

Answer by Freefromdrama
Child Support Enforcement
LEXIS-NEXIS’ person locator and public records data bases are very helpful in tracking down the hardest-to-find “deadbeat parents” who have refused to pay child support. .
For example, when a non-custodial parent leaves a state’s jurisdiction, the custodial parent usually bears sole responsibility for collecting court-ordered child support. By using P-TRAK to search on the ex-spouse’s social security number, a lawyer for the custodial parent or a government employee charged with child support enforcement can locate the non-custodial parent quickly, even though he or she may be actively disguising his or her identity.

2. Uniting Separated Families
P-TRAK, P-FIND and similar commercial locator data bases permit law enforcement personnel, lawyers for parents or children, and advocates for children to reunite family members. For example, customers have informed us of cases where they have used P-TRAK to reunite brothers who were separated for 17 years, and public records data bases to help a state agency locate a 10-year-old child’s aunt who at his request adopted him, avoiding the need to place him in foster care.

3. Locating Heirs To Estates
Social security numbers are often included in wills to offer assistance in locating beneficiaries. Commercial locator services offer a cost-effective means for the estate’s attorney/executor to locate the heirs even if decades have transpired since the will’s execution, heirs and witnesses have relocated or married and changed their names, etc. In one case,

P-TRAK was used to help locate a destitute Montana farmer who received a $ 4 million inheritance.

4. Pension Fund Beneficiaries
Pensions provide important supplemental income that permits millions of elderly Americans to continue to live a comfortable existence after retirement. Yet every year, thousands of pension fund beneficiaries are unable to receive pensions owed to them because the trustee or administrator of the fund is unable to locate them. Commercial locator data bases, such as P-TRAK and P-FIND, are used to help solve this problem by providing an effective and simple way for the trustee or administrator — who has the Social Security Number of the former employee on tax records, even though decades may have passed since the beneficiary left the company — to make sure that beneficiaries receive pension money owed to them. Indeed, federal law requires the administrators of certain plans to use commercial locator services to search for missing plan participants.

5. Locating Trial Witnesses, and Aiding Investigations and Criminal Prosecutions
Another significant use of P-TRAK and P-FIND is to help locate uninsured motorists, eyewitnesses to accidents, and other witnesses for civil litigation. For example, personal injury cases often take years to go to trial because they are usually filed one or more years after the accident, delayed in the judicial process, and compete for time on crowded judicial dockets. This means that in many cases attorneys have an “old” address for a witness. By using P-TRAK to search by name and prior address, these witnesses can be found years after the accident.

P-TRAK and P-FIND provide important tools to law enforcement officials for criminal investigations and prosecutions because they are ideally suited for tracking witnesses and investigative targets efficiently. Up-to-date information from these services has permitted law enforcement officials to locate and arrest significant numbers of hard-to-find criminals who often move and assume different names in efforts to evade capture. In addition, LEXIS-NEXIS’ public records products are used by law enforcement to track criminals’ commercial activities, such as land purchases, incorporation of corporate “front companies,” and to learn of criminals’ assets in preparation for criminal prosecutions or civil forfeiture actions.

Tracing the Influence of Money in Politics
Public record products perform an important function in advancing the transparency of government operations. A leading example is LEXIS-NEXIS’ data base of FEC filings, which affords the press and government watchdog groups, including Common Cause, as well as political parties themselves, easy access and flexible search capacity to review records of federal political campaign contributions. The data base has also been used in political corruption investigations.

Moreover, both the Democratic National Committee and Republic National Committee use LEXIS-NEXIS press articles and our public records data bases as a cost-effective way to run checks on political contributors. Indeed, the DNC recently resumed use of these data bases for this purpose.

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what do they do at red cross babystitting cources?

Question by katie: what do they do at red cross babystitting cources?
im getting ready to babysit and i thought about taking one also how much do they cost

Best answer:

Answer by April J

* 1.Choose to go for baby sitting only in your close-by neighborhood. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you need to consider safety first. You should not have to come back home late at night from too far around the neighborhood – even if you have a cycle.
* 2.Befriend the kids whom you think you will be baby sitting a few days in advance (this will not be necessary if you baby-sit in close neighborhood as the kids would know you) so they will be familiar with you and more importantly you with them.
* 3.Before the adults leave, take down (literally write it down) where to contact them if any emergency arises – and have an alternative to that as well. Ask them at what time they return and inform your parents about your returning schedule.
* 4.Ask (and if possible write) what is expected of you while baby-sitting, specially if they ask you to feed the children.
* 5.Do be extra patient with the kids and behave as one of them. It is easier to control them when you are a peer/ friend than a ‘grown up’.


* 1. Do not go too far for baby sitting at night.
* 2. Do not take up baby sitting if any male in that family/ house makes you feel uncomfortable (there are instances when children who baby-sit are molested by adults in the family other than the parents of the kids).
* 3. Do not feel scared to immediately react if anybody touches you wrongly.
* 4. Do not hit the kids (at nay cost do not use violence for controlling the kids); do not close them in a room (or bathroom or closet) as punishment or otherwise.
* 5. Do not allow them to leave your sight (whether outdoors or indoors); if they want to go to their room, the door to the room should stay open so you can see the kids whenever you want or need .
* 6. Do not feed them anything unless you are asked to do so.

These are a few things you should keep in mind when you go for baby-sitting. The best bet in baby sitting is when you get the ‘contract’ of house that are within a half-kilometer radius of your own house. Ensure that you are happy with the wages that they pay you before hand – so you will not be disappointed later. It should not be less than .50 per hour – but check locally to find the going rate.

Cost of babysitters rises to £5 an hour
and in some places, it’s up to £15, making it the most expensive part of an evening out

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