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Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?

Question by thatgirl: Did your children’s personalities turn out how you imagined they would?
Or did they surprise you?
Not really getting the caliber of answers I had hoped for so far :/

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Answer by cafe_au_lait
kind of.

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Would you turn in family/a sibling to dept of human services or police?

Question by DKP: Would you turn in family/a sibling to dept of human services or police?
Put yourself in my shoes if you can. I have an older sister – she’s close to 40 yrs old, has 3 kids (each from different dads & one’s in prison for life!). She’s divorced, and has constantly been having major drinking/drug related parties at the house she stays at for free (it’s my mothers home – my mom pays for all the utilities, gas, etc..) & doesn’t pay for crap! She works part-time as a CNA at the local nursing home & what money she does make there, she spends on drugs & alcohol (nice of her to offer my mom any $ towards the bills to heat/air condition the place, huh?). And if you’re wondering where she gets the money to feed her children – well look to us taxpayers for that, cuz she milks the gvmt for all their worth!!!!
Well, a few months back, my husband and I found out she was having one of these parties, and had her two daughters (both under the age of 12) present….prior to this particular night, she’d been having them almost every night. My husband thought we should say something to the police about that the children might be in harms way around all the drugs (not really healthy – and in our eyes, a type of abuse). So, the cops busted the party, after we said something to them. Turns out she had 13 some underage/minors at the party, that she was providing drugs & alcohol to..AND she had at least one of her children present. Now, fast fwd 2 months. Up until this point, she had no idea who turned her in (we did this anonymously & police told us it would be filed as such)…that was until this past week, when she got the paperwork from her attorney, which had the police report with MY name posted all over it (thats another story).

I guess what I’m trying to ask here, is if you had a family member, be it your sister or brother, and you knew that they were abusing their parental rights (offering her kids drugs, constantly tweeked and/or drunk/hungover around them, leaving them with complete strangers for the wknd, while they go out of town for a leisurely “screw”, etc) – would you have turned them in, or would you have turned the other cheek, because they are “family” – and you just “dont cross that line”?

Also, since then, she has verbally threatened my very life, admitting that she “doesn’t care if they take her kids away or that she goes to prison for life…she’s gonna make me regret the day I was born, and stick a gun to my head!” – Should I get a restraining order???

Thanks for the sound advice. And 10 points to the winner!
oh yeah…and she sits there and says I did it just out of spite, pointing out that “you didn’t do it to protect my kids – my kids don’t want anything 2do with you, cuz they know you were trying to take their mom away from them! You did it cuz you’re a “christian” now & think you’re goody two shoes! Well, christians don’t do shit like that to family members!..now i might lose my nursing license cuz of you!…and yada yada yada..i could go on and on!

The police dept – all they said to me was, “well it was supposed to be anonymous..we’re real sorry about that! What can we do for you?” – nothing they can do now! its over & done with & she KNOWS now!!! They won’t do anything – they won’t even give me a free restraining order against her = it’s gonna cost me $ 300 at the least, to get one on her!

Best answer:

Answer by Corny Chris
You did a favor to everyone. The Minors/Your mother/and herself. So yeah prison in life seems bad. Yeah. But she caused it herself. If she wasn’t an alcohol/drug abuser, it would be otherwise. But other than that, she screwed herself up. Now she can’t have access to drugs/alcohol and give minors drugs/alcohol. Her mom can pay less for bills. Frankly everyone wins her. Except for her being in prison *cough cough* Anyways. Think about what would happen to those kids. They’d get extremely hurt. You saved em. Don’t be ashamed. You did a good thing. Now if she goes to prison for life, then no need for restraining order, she’s stuck in the hole. But if she’s not, get a restraining order, and move somewhere else. Canada;) Haha but just get as FAR AWAY as possible. Don’t get near her. Best of luck to you:)

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