The Right To Defend?

Question by edward r: The Right To Defend?
As the brother of the taxi cab driver Fadee Aktab that was killed today in Dallas, Texas I would like to address the issue of crime in the streets of Dallas and other cities in this country. I have spent 30 years as a member of the armed forces, U S Army (ret). I have been to many other countries and the US is becoming a battlefield itself. I had told my brother to be careful because of the crime in the streets. He was only trying to be a father and a good husband providing for his family. I am a long haul over the road truck driver and find myself in danger as well. Question why is it a law that a driver cannot carry a weapon to protect himself because of motor regulations. If my brother had been carrying a legal weapon he my have been able to fight off these thugs . I feel we should have this right to defend ourselves. I’m only saying that in a country where I have laid my life on the line to defend, we should have the same right to defend ourselfs in the streets that my brother and I grew up in playing under the same street lights that he was killed under today.

Edward E.Rusk
U.S. Army (ret)

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Answer by Felix
Because of the practice of our government to treat every problem that the citizens have as if they are children, and the government is the “parent”.

What I mean to say is when one person ( A driver of a truck or other vehicle) uses a gun out of……….for example: road rage, the government punishes the whole population because of the individual.

That is on MOST things. Take the seatbelt laws for instance. Children on school buses are not required to wear them because it would not be cost effective……LOL. So the children are exempt. Or if someone uses a vehicle to run over someone and kill them, you don’t see a law passed to take away vehicles from people because it would hurt the economy. It’s all about money and control.

When I was 14 I had to shoot a gang member to stop him and his partners from forcibly raping me. I used a home made zip gun and took the switchblade knife that the leader had as a trophy. Needless to say the gang didn’t file a police report.

When I was 16 I had to shoot 2 gang members when they beat and knifed a customer at a place where I worked and then tried to rob me. They went to the hospital and I had to find another job because they would be released due to the fact that I was under age and used an unregistered revolver. No one disputed the fact that they had it coming, only that what I did was not “legal”.

Several years later when I joined one of the government services, I found several occasions where I had to use weapons. I once faced off by myself against a #1 wanted on the FBI’s 10 most wanted. Once I capped a guy who had a record of nearly everything you could think of and I was given everything short of a cavity search. His partner was at that time wanted for murder and what the two received as “punishment” was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The logic behind many of our laws has become absurd. What can you do short of insurrection? Our legal system needs an enima.

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