To anyone over 50! Please help me.?

Question by VeggHeadd: To anyone over 50! Please help me.?
I need to ask someone over fifty some questions for homework. unfortunately all of my grandparents are busy. so if you could answer. thanks!

How was life different when they were your age compared to how it is now?

What have been the happiest/most important/saddest/most memorable/funniest/best moments or stories in their lives?

What in their life has happened that really makes them who they are?

What are their defining moments?

What wisdom or knowledge have they built over their life that they would want to share with a class full of 15-year-olds?

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Answer by Model Pilot
I am 59 years old and male.

A. Who is “they?” Changes over the last 50 some years…No Soviet Union now, less chance of nuclear world war III, more chance of nuclear terrorism. Man got to the moon, and spacecraft have gotten beyond. Medicine has done many things, with more cancers cured etc. More TV channels, more media available for entertainment…pocket music is programmable…chips versus transistors versus vacuum tubes…computers of all sizes. My first computer in 1983 had 68K of memory and was state of the art…I have a watch with a 2 gig flash drive built in now…

B. The birth and lives of my children cover the next question, along with the deaths of near relatives.

C. Learning has made me who I am. Learning is a change in behavior brought about by experience.

D. Politically, the civil rights movement and Vietnam War forged my beliefs. Religiously, converting to Lutheranism forged my religious identity. My children created me as a parent. My jobs have created competence, incompetence, and provided for my family and future…sort of.

E. There are Life rules…1. A person is responsible for him/her self in all cases. The rest is mitigation/excuses. 2. You can’t trust “them” as much as “they” want you to, and you have to define who “them” is. 3. Over a long enough time, in a very rough way, life hands out justice whether you see it or not. 4. “Q-TIP” (quit taking it personally) works.

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One thought on “To anyone over 50! Please help me.?”

  1. i am 59.i was blessed to have lived during the most memorable times.1.we protested the viet nam war.2.we had the beatles,the who,the doobie brothers,i got to live in huntington beach,at 15 yrs.old,i hung out with the best surfers in the world,which led me to the place i live now,maui haWAII.I COUNT EVERY BLESSING TWICE.ive had more tramatic things occure,mom died when i was 8,but thats how i got to experience other places as my 2 sisters and i went(by gray hound bus to sister commited suicide at age 24,turns out i was lucky to be the youngest,olldest now is d.63,s gone,me 59.i met my old boy friend age 18,broke up age 24,stayed friends w/his mother till she died,2 yrs.ago.rules are.1.always smile. kind mostly to those less fortunate than you.3be happy,read DESRIDEARITA,MOST IMPORTANT,BE HAPPY:)

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