Tricks anorexics use to hide food?

Question by Sam: Tricks anorexics use to hide food?
My daughter is a recovering anorexic, but she’s having problems getting out of her old habits. I know that when we ate, she would always bring a napkin up to her mouth and spit out the food, but pretend that she was only wiping it. She would also take food into napkins and stuff it in her pocket to dispose of later. I did some research and found that s lot of other people with this disorder smear their food into their plate and only eat the parts thst aren’t, which i realized she also did. Are there any other things I should keep a look out for? I really want her to recover and I know she does too.

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Answer by Sandra
I read an essay on anorexia/bulimia so I did some research and actually did visit some pro-ana websites which were disturbing. :/

Some “tips” they give:
1) chew gum or ice, it sort of tricks your body into thinking it’s actually eating food so you can go longer without eating.
2) sit in your room with food and a trash can. chew the food and savor the taste but don’t swallow. Instead spit the food out into the trashcan.
3) visit the kitchen often, open the fridge and pantry often and look around. apparently that makes your family believe you are constantly snacking.
4) wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it whenever you think about food, but you said you know that already.
5) many people who decide to stop eating often have “ana buddies” they meet through pro-ana websites or somewhere else online. They encourage each other and help each other resist urges to eat. So they both support each other with their eating disorder. :/ I think this is very important to people with EDs because it’s so socially unacceptable, they don’t think anyone they know irl understands so they form online friendships with other pro-ana people for support.
6) Posting pictures of thin celebrities and random people around them. This is “thinspiration”. these pictures show very, very thin girls most of the time…not at all healthy images of “normally” slim people.
7) When hungry, they repeat something about how food will make them fat and fat is nasty; thin is good and beautiful and if they don’t eat, they will soon be beautiful too (according to them).
8) A lot of people will work out constantly in addition to having an ED.
9) Perhaps they will lie to their parents and say they went out to eat with friends or something when in fact they did not go eat while out. They may claim to be vegetarian or allergic to certain foods to avoid eating them (it’s possible)

But yeah that’s all I can think of atm. ugh eating disorders are really terrible. After researching my paper, I totally had to go do something happy to cheer me up since those pro-ana sites and the comments people leave on them are quite depressing.

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