what are some things i can do to find out my unborn child’s gender without going to the doctor?

Question by Gamer31: what are some things i can do to find out my unborn child’s gender without going to the doctor?
i know they are just superstitions but it would be fun to do…and maybe they can be right..?

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Answer by Baby Boy Coming 9/15/09!!!
Not possible to actually find out without an ultrasound, sorry.

And just for the record, I tried every single wives tale in the book and I kid you not, ALL of them said I was having a girl.

And guess what? I’m having a boy. So no, they do not work.

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12 thoughts on “what are some things i can do to find out my unborn child’s gender without going to the doctor?”

  1. Honey, I was told that I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying, because I was craving spicy food, and the amount that the baby was moving…but she’s a girl…

    No matter what, you have a 50/50 chance of being right.

    p.s. why don’t you want the doc to tell you?

  2. Walgreens actually makes a test now…. you just pee on it and it tells you what you’re most likely having. It’s 70% effective. Not sure how it works

  3. no you may be wrong and there you go buying the wrong color or color scheme…only sure way is to wait until you have the baby or do the ultrasound at about 18-20 weeks along

  4. Not only are there pregnancy tests available at the chemist/drugstore, but now they have a gender test available too. Don’t know how accurate they’d be, but as long as you don’t take it too seriously, it could be a bit of fun I guess??

    Some comments I’ve heard is that if you carry ”wide” it’s a boy and if you carry ”in front” it’s a girl……it half worked with me as with my first I was as wide as a house and had a boy, second pregnancy I carried all out in front and had……another boy !!

    Good luck to you, but I always liked the ”surprise” of finding out at the birth 🙂

  5. you could go to parents.com or babycenter.com and they have baby gender predictors and old wives tales thingies lol. they’re all for fun and you should go to the doctor to know for sure. but have fun with it hun!

  6. Well so long as you know that they are all superstitions…

    Tie your wedding ring to a string and have someone hold it over your belly. If it goes in a circle, it’s a girl. If it sways in a straight line, it’s a boy.

    Carrying in front is a girl. If the baby gives you a big bootie, it’s a boy.

    A fast heartbeat, usually in the 160’s is a girl. A slower one, 140’s is a boy.

    Here’s a fun quiz you can take http://www.childbirth.org/articles/boyorgirl.html

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