What does HOMESCHOOLING mean..i dont get it..n tell me any of you who do that?

Question by get_bella87: What does HOMESCHOOLING mean..i dont get it..n tell me any of you who do that?
I was just wondering..that if its something that a lot of kids. students do?..i mean what leads to that..n what do they do, how different is it from being in school? I guess that was it that when my mom once mentioned about for me when i was back in high school. explain clear plz..tnx

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23 thoughts on “What does HOMESCHOOLING mean..i dont get it..n tell me any of you who do that?”

  1. homeschooling means school at home get it lolz…either ur parents teach you or a tutor does…my best friend ex boyfriend was in homeschooling!!!

  2. Homeschooling is just that. getting your education from home as an alternative method rather than attending traditional schools. Home schooling is becoming more popular, especially in Korea. There is an online homeschool web site OMK. Check it out.

  3. homeschooling is when normally you travel alout so you would have to keep on changing schools and so your parents homeschool you witch means teach you there selfs and there fore you don’t go to school.

  4. homeschooling is just that. Going through school at home. You don’t go to an actual school, but you do still do the school work. I did it, and it was better for me as I had all the time to do my school work and not be teased. First off, I am not trying to sound rude by this, but I would really work on English and grammar.

  5. Homeschooling means that instead of your children attending a school, you teach them at home. There are MANY different ways to teach, and a tremendous number of curricula to accommodate any budget or learning style. There are also different reasons why people homeschool, but most of them can be contained in these reasons: (1) The behavior of other kids at school, whether it is drugs, bullying, or just general socially unacceptable behavior. (2) The better education available through homeschooling. (3) A desire to give your children an education consistent with your religious beliefs.

  6. There parents decide to teach them from home for a variety of reasons. They learn when there parents set it not normal school hours. They do have to take tests to prove they are learning what should be covered each grade. They learn faster sometimes and get alot more attention. usually parents are the teachers.

  7. Homeschooling means you school at home, and what leads to that? it just depends on the situation. My parents started to home school me because they felt like home schooling is what God wanted them to do. Some parents home school because the kids are in trouble or the kids are getting picked on at school. Well you don’t get to be around kids all day long, you don’t have to get up early, you don’t have to change classes or eat in a cafeteria. It’s just different. I hope this is clear enough for you.

  8. Homeschooling is going to school at home your taught by ur parents or a turtor or you can even take online homeschooling. This type of method for teaching is getting popular by the second. I think more people use this because they think that public schooling isnt the best thing for their kids and thats their opinion. Also its different from regular skool because you can take breaks like eating or just lieing down

  9. Home Schooling is parent directed education instead of sending your child off to school to be educated by the government run intuition. Parents decide what is best for the kids to learn at what time and using the methods best suited for each individual child. They learn “social skills” from adults, not a bunch of their peers that are simply trying to impress each other and my have many misguided ideas.

  10. Thanks for commenting. I too believe that bullying should be handled the
    mature way, however most parents nowadays don’t want to hear anything about
    their child especially if their the bully. How do you deal with them? Shawn

  11. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy famously said “Discipline has changed since I was a
    kid. When my kids misbehave my wife and I give them a time out. When I was
    a kid my dad would take “time out” of his busy day to tan my hide.” Much
    enjoyed this candid exchange. Hugs to all! Mama Marlaine

  12. As soon as we got outside, i leaned over into his face and stared. I said
    you could have gotten what you wanted, but you broke the deal. He did not
    like to disappoint me and i knew that. The next time when he acted
    correctly he got all the candy he wanted. I told him” you see who it
    works”!! I never had a problem from him agian. These kids get used to
    monotoned treats from parents all the time till it passes in one ear/ out
    the other. What it says is “your not reaching them”.

  13. LET ME SAY THIS…. The best way to raise a child is to teach them early to
    “not want to let their parent down”. that comes by “teaching” not just
    getting along. I had my god-child scraming one day in the store because he
    wanted something candy or so. I said no,not right now. He started screaming
    and crying all in the store. people was looking but i ignored him. After a
    while he saw it wasnt working.

  14. Why is it an either or question? Beat or Punish them.. Why not both? Why
    not know your child and do what they will response to?

  15. I personally believe that everyone should gain an effective skill in any
    form of self-defense so that we may be able to defend ourselves in violent
    situations. HOWEVER, I do believe that if your child has no means of
    self-defense, that child shouldn’t be forced to fight AT ALL, especially if
    they are afraid. It shows that you don’t care, on my opinion. Also, I
    strongly believe that bullying situations in school should be handled the
    mature way by either having a meeting at the school with the

  16. Put a blanket over the playpin like a birdcage? Umm no. I don’t think
    that’s gonna work. If children have nothing to fear, then a time out or
    going without FB or the computer is nothing. They can get on at school or
    use their friends’ phones. An ass whoopin is guaranteed. Kids are bad now
    b/c of the lack of discipline and putting them in the corner isn’t
    discipline. When I got put in the corner at school, I found ways to
    entertain myself there. Counting the cracks in the wall and all.

  17. parents of the children or for the child to address the bully at hand. I
    know that I’m eligible to address this topic because I’ve been bullied in
    the past myself. In the end, I agree with Nicholaus’ opinion of handling a
    bullying situation between children. Nicholaus and I think SO much alike!
    His opinions almost always matches mine in your other videos. And I find
    him very handsome. ^_^ As well as you Shawn! 😀 lolz!

  18. I like that response. I also believe that it depends on what the child has
    done. They shouldn’t be whooped every time. Shawn

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