when is a cat supost to produce milk when ppregnant?

Question by : when is a cat supost to produce milk when ppregnant?
My cat is 63 days into her pregnancy and she still isn’t producing milk, is that normal??? as i am very worried now 🙁

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Answer by BearBear
A cat will normally start to produce milk about 2 days before she will give birth; and it seems like yours isn’t that far away from doing just that! Normally, a cat is pregnant 63-65 days, so you could have a few more days to go before she will produce milk. Just take it day by day, that’s all you can do right now. So, I would say it’s normal. Your kitty isn’t ready to give birth yet it seems.

Be sure to look for the signs for her giving birth as well. Her belly will drop and she will start meowing in a particular tone. By this time, she should be producing milk. To see, you could always gently squeeze one as if milking a cow. (Sounds awkward, but it’s true.) If she is, you will be having kittens within the few days. 🙂

Hope I could help you out a bit. 🙂

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One thought on “when is a cat supost to produce milk when ppregnant?”

  1. The milk comes in AFTER the birth, and the initial liquid….called Colostrum. This is the fluid that contains the immunities that the kittens NEED, so don’t be trying to “milk” your cat. The KITTENS need to get the 1st liquid, and the milk. The “kneading” ( pushing ) of the kittens’ paws on the teats will bring the milk in……..so, don’t worry.

    You cat should have already licked the hair off around the nipples, getting ready for the kittens to nurse. Be sure that you’ve fixed a med/lg box, lined with 4-5 inches of newspaper, for her to make a “nest” in. She’ll tear up the papers, to make them more absorbent. The birthing process is very messy, so the papers will need to be removed AFTER all of the kittens are born, clean/dry, and nursing. Replace with more papers ( already prepared ), and everyone will be happy. MOM won’t care if you handle the kittens for the “seconds” that it will take to remove & replace the papers. So, don’t worry about her abandoning them if you touch them!! Just don’t take them out of her sight … at least for a week or so. Any handling should be done where she can watch & monitor.

    Hope you have strong, healthy kittens…..and get mom spayed as soon as the vet will do it! She CAN come into heat again, even while nursing this litter. So, if you don’t want more kittens in about 3 months ( which is really hard on her, anyway ), get her spayed ASAP………

    Good luck with your new “family”……….

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